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Got Fissures or Hemorrhoids?

H-Hemorrhoids Formula


Fissures or Hemorrhoids?

Two different conditions but both causing pain and discomfort in the same area.

In fact, hemorrhoids and fissures can even occur at the same time.  And because they both cause similar symptoms, they are often confused by those who experience those symptoms.

What are the similar symptoms of the two conditions?

  • Both cause painful bowel movements.
  • Both can cause itching and burning.
  • They may cause bright red blood in the stool or on toilet paper.

As they also share some of the same causes, it is not surprising that some will develop both conditions at the same time.

What are hemorrhoids?

While hemorrhoids can occur inside or outside the anal opening, the painful burning many people associate with hemorrhoids usually comes from external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids are unlikely to have symptoms unless they bleed. They can prolapse and remain outside the anal opening.

Although hemorrhoids are more of a discomfort than a danger to your health, in rare cases it is possible for infections to occur when there is severe bleeding.

The main cause of hemorrhoids is constipation or even diarrhea.  When you have to strain to pass hard stools, this can irritate the sensitive tissues in the anal area resulting in burning and swelling during and after using the bathroom.


What are fissures?

These are cracks that occur in or near the anal opening resulting (much like hemorrhoids) in pain and burning during a bowel movement - and even blood on the toilet paper. 

In the same way as hemorrhoids, fissures often develop when you strain to pass a hard stool. The stool stretches and tears the tender skin, causing a cut or a crack.  Chronic diarrhea is also a common cause of fissures especially when there are frequent and recurrent loose stools.

It is important to be aware that infections are more common with fissures than with hemorrhoids because of the broken skin. 

H-Fissures Formula

How can hemorrhoids and fissures symptoms be treated?

1.  When you suffer from either fissures or hemorrhoids, you will find that cotton wool pads treated with witch hazel are soothing and comforting to the affected anal area.

2.  Frequent warm baths or a sitz bath can be very soothing, sitting in a basin of warm water for ten minutes or so twice a day.  Ice packs are also soothing and comforting to both fissures and hemorrhoids.  Sitting in a warm and soothing Epsom salt bath helps both the anal and rectum muscles to relax, improving bowel movements. Add two cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for at least twenty minutes to get the full benefits

3.  Avoid strainingThis can mean even more pain and making any problems worse. Act on the urge to use the toilet - at once. This will help to avoid the stool becoming harder. 

4.  Avoid prolonged sitting on the toilet. If you spend too long on the toilet such as reading or using your phone, this can make hemorrhoids even worse. 

5.  Toilet hygieneUse plain water to clean your bottom after a bowel movement, taking care not to leave any stool behind as this can aggravate and irritate any hemorrhoids. Avoid being rough or using soaps that contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or perfumes.  

7.  In addition, Healing Natural Oils provide 100% natural treatments for a safe and gentle remedy for hemorrhoids and other conditions, providing fast pain relief and shrinking the hemorrhoids by reducing swelling. Our H-Hemorrhoids Formula is perfect for the symptoms of all types of hemorrhoids: prolapsed hemorrhoids; external hemorrhoids; thrombosed hemorrhoids; and hemorrhoids with minor bleeding. 

8.  For the treatment and relief of the pain and discomfort of fissures, the homeopathic ingredients in H-Fissures Formula have been carefully selected to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of fissures with healing agents and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial constituents. When used as directed, it will help reduce swelling associated with anal fissures while alleviating the extreme pain that often accompanies anal fissures. 

So although hemorrhoids and fissures can cause confusion, there is a major difference between them - they are each a different kind of condition. An anal fissure is a tear of tissue and a hemorrhoid is caused by the weakening of cushions of tissue in the lower rectum, meaning the skin blows up like a tiny balloon and fills with blood.

H-Hemorrhoids Formula


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