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How to Treat Scalp Psoriasis Naturally


At least fifty per cent of those with the skin condition known as psoriasis will have it on their scalp.

What happens is that the skin cells on your scalp grow too quickly, making powdery or thick scales called plaques. The areas around them can be red and itchy.

Scalp psoriasis can be the cause of mild scaling right up to crusting on the entire scalp -- sometimes extending onto the forehead, around the nose, in the beard area, or behind or inside the ears.  

Psoriasis patches are attached to the scalp (meaning they don't flake off in the same way that dry skin and dandruff might) and are often raised with a rough texture. It's not flaky or loose and often has scales that aren't easy to remove. 

If you have mild scaling, it may get better on its own. But if it is more severe with extreme itching and tight uncomfortable scalp sensations, you will need to find ways to treat it.


How to treat scalp psoriasis - naturally

Change to a low inflammation diet by avoiding gluten, processed foods, sugar and dairy altogether and changing to anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Boost omega-3s which can help manage symptoms including skin reddening, itching, scaling, and inflammation. Oily fish like salmon, sardines, trout, and cod  as well as olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed are all good sources.

Use an apple cider vinegar rinse to help lower the pH of your hair.  Apply the rinse to the scalp and allow it to dry.  Once dry, rinse the solution off the scalp.  This is only recommended for mild flare ups of scalp psoriasis where there is no cracking, bleeding or open wounds.

Aloe Vera can be helpful in soothing itching and flaking.  The gel found inside the aloe leaf is known for its healing properties. Use three times per day for up to a month to see results.

Avoid regular hair products which will have sulfates, phthalates and parabens - ingredients that will dry the skin even more and cause further irritation to the scalp.  Change to specialist and natural shampoos for washing your hair when you have scalp psoriasis.


The ideal natural solution for your scalp psoriasis 

H-Psoriasis Formula is a breakthrough topical homeopathic product with pure natural essential oils.  It has a deep penetrating action, is gentle on your skin, and should not cause irritation, itching, burning or scarring.  It works to help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis including itching, redness irritation.  It can be applied to affected areas and added to the bath for a healing and restorative soak.  In addition, the analgesic component will relieve the symptoms of discomfort and itching.

Once the process has been completed, the product can then be used as a preventative maintenance program.

When used as directed, H-Psoriasis Formula will help with the symptoms of this non-contagious skin disease however severe by first clearing the flaking and lesions and then repairing the damaged skin.