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How To Achieve A Healing Natural Home | Amoils.com

HomeWhile we are happy to promote healing natural oils on this blog, a healing natural home is very important too. And there are many ways in which you can make your house, your home and your refuge into a healing natural one so that your environment, your health and your state of mind and that of your family all benefit: We have all seen those TV programs where a crew of experts comes into an exceptionally cluttered house that is filled from top to bottom with “stuff”. It is easy to see that such a home would be very uncomfortable to live in, if not downright dangerous. Now most of us are not going to put up with something like that but it is still easy to have too many possessions lying around so that you feel guilty about them every time you walk in the front door, creating a certain level of stress.

Time to get rid of the surplus and find a home for clutter

The saying “everything in its place and a place for everything” is just as true today as it was when first used years ago. I know it takes considerable effort to clear out and get rid of unwanted clutter but start with baby steps and it becomes a habit in time. Create empty spaces and you will feel liberated, energized and much more peaceful. If you cannot create empty spaces, then at least pack everything away in storage boxes for now and gradually work your way through the process of de-cluttering. Storage boxes are so attractive these days that they can look good while hiding lots of clutter at the same time.

Unnecessary noise can be a big turn off too

Sit quietly in your home and pretend you are hearing everything for the very first time. Are there any irritating sounds and noises that you could get rid of or, at the very least, camouflage? You will feel much less stressful if you can eradicate unwanted sounds or disguise them. A water feature or tinkling fountain are very good at blotting out sounds that you might have no control over like traffic or industrial work going on in the neighborhood. Stop, listen and you might be amazed at what you have grown used to putting up with.

Aromas can boost your mood and enhance your spirit

But you will undo all the good of your healing natural home if you turn to artificial fragrances which can actually be quite toxic and unhealthy. Look out for natural fragrances – there are many different options for you including the use of essential oils – jasmine and lemon are particularly recommended for uplifting the mood and lowering any anxiety or stress levels. Fresh flowers always lift the spirit but don't forget lovely natural aromas in your kitchen – the smell of home baking or the use of vanilla, cinnamon or spices from your pantry cupboard. There is also nothing to beat the smell of fresh air. Don't let you home become musty and stuffy because no one ever opens a window. That can be the cause of really bad air pollution.

Be warm and cozy in winter and light and cool in summer

You can achieve this with the use of colors, natural cottons and wools and tactile textures and textiles. Avoid synthetic fibers wherever and whenever you can. There are so many self-help programs, magazines and blogs on the internet bombarding you with ways to improve your home (whatever your taste) that there really is no excuse any more not to have a comfortable home. And less is definitely more. Do you really need heavy drapes at the windows when you could be letting in more light and fresh air? Is there so much furniture in your home, that you cannot actually move around easily. Are you stuck in the same rut because that it is the way everything has looked for the past 10 years or more.

A healing natural home should be easy to keep clean

The cleaning itself should not be carried out by using toxic commercial products but green natural ones. Vinegar and water are two of the best detergents you can use. I do hope I have given you some food for thought so that you and your family can also enjoy a healing natural home – you will be less stressed, more rested and you will be happy to come home.