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How About Introducing a No TV Tuesday or Media Free Monday in Your Home? | Amoils.com

Children playing board game - sitting around a small table I have friends who do not even own a TV and I am envious of their self control. It would be too hard for me to do away with television altogether but it can certainly be limited to the benefit of all. I remember how there was a massive power failure in Southern California a year or two ago when my daughter and her family were literally without any electronic entertainment for a full 24 hours. Along with the neighbors in the cul-de-sac, everyone took to the streets and organised their own entertainment - it was a mild evening and the children and adults alike had plenty of fun with torches, candles and playing games. You will probably find that the children reminisce about that evening and will do so for years to come...”remember when we had no power and we all played out in the dark?” It was a special event for them.

Make your own special event

With that experience in mind, how about making such a special event a weekly occasion? A No TV Tuesday or a Media Free Monday. Turn of the Ipad, the Iphone and the TV – have a long leisurely supper with no background intrusions and a conversation without interruption. Play board games, cards or an instrument, read or draw. The list is endless and you or your children may discover a latent hobby or talent. Later, the children will go to bed relaxed and happy rather than overstimulated by the TV. A break from the media and a break from the energy of the outside world means you can all retreat and instead, focus on your own home and family. As your family becomes experienced in having a No TV Tuesday or a Media Free Monday, they will become more imaginative, better able to function on their own and be more prepared and able to cope should they ever be faced with a national or localized disaster – weather related or otherwise. They will have learnt to rely on themselves for entertainment.

The hidden threat from electromagnetic radiation

And while we are on the subject of electronics, have you heard of "electrosmog", "dirty electricity", "electrical pollution" or "electrohypersensitivity" ? Any electronic device that emits or receives a wireless or WiFi signal, including popular devices like laptops, tablets and cell phones, create a Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Field (EMF). The radiation is around us all the time especially when we live in towns and cities - at home, at work, at school, in our vehicles, on buses, on trains, on planes, and in stores and restaurants. The human eye cannot detect the Electromagnetic Radiation but it is always there.

Remember when tobacco was advertised as no threat to your health?

The threat of numerous forms of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to human health is becoming increasingly worrying. There are health dangers to young and old from excessive exposures to microwave radiation from wireless technologies. Many are of the opinion that in decades to come, we will look back at EMFs in the same way as we regard the danger of tobacco products today. Even mainstream media are starting to include references to it. If you want to find out more, go here where you will find an excellent resource on EMF knowledge.

How to protect your family

Right from before birth, through childhood and of course as adults, we are being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation. You can help protect your family from this unseen and possibly dangerous force.
  • Cordless baby monitors emit radiation.
  • A cordless (DECT) phone is in effect a mast within your home acting as a transmitter.
  • A mobile phone with its near field plume of radiation can penetrate deep into a child's skull because it is so much thinner and smaller than an adult's.
  • Test your home and work environment for EMF. This web site offers a helpful summary of the various meters recommended to detect EMF and dirty electricity in your home and what to do if you find high levels.
  • Turn off all the fuses at night that supply your bedroom and those of your family members. You can install a 'demand switch' at your bedside to make this more convenient.
  • Turn off and unplug everything electrical in your sleeping area, including your computer, WI-FI, cell and portable phones.
  • If you are constructing a new home or renovating one and the walls are being rebuilt you can install a radiant barrier.
  • Avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads and turn to an old fashioned hot water bottle instead.
  • Protect yourself from cordless phones. A old fashioned wired land line is the safer option but if you must use a conventional cordless phone, keep the base station at least three rooms away from where everyone sleeps and where you spend the most time during the day. Or simply keep it off most of the time. The base station of a DECT phone always transmits at full power, making it especially suspect.
Cell phones and WI-FI are not the only EMF sources you need to be cautious of as most electronics will generate EMFs, including the wiring in your home, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, computers and lamps. This makes it even harder to protect your family.   Sources: http://www.familiesonline.co.uk http://www.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/02/16/raising-awareness-about-electromagnetic-pollution.aspx