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How Often Should We Launder Our Bed Linen?

Everyone who sleeps in a bed has to worry about the regular chore of changing the bedlinen and putting the discarded sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover in the wash.

But the big question might be: "How often should you wash your bed linen?"

Many of you might put off changing your bed linen because it can be such a mission - with putting the cover back on the duvet especially frustrating.

But there is way round this...

How I have sorted out the problem of changing duvet covers!

I treat my duvet as an eiderdown/comforter instead.

As well as a fitted sheet covering the mattress, I have a flat sheet and the top of this is folded back over the duvet and its cover so that it protects them.  As only the flat sheet is in contact with those who sleep in the bed, the duvet and its cover remains clean for much, much longer.  It does not need to be changed and washed so frequently.



How often should you change your bed linen?

Probably more often than you think!

Unwashed bed linen can lead to these problems: 

For these reasons, changing and washing bed linen is recommended every five to seven days.

And what could be more conducive to a good night's sleep than freshly laundered bed linen?

How many sets of bed linen should you have? 

It is recommended to have at least three sets: one to sleep in, one going through the laundry process and one folded and stored in the linen cupboard.

At what temperature should you wash your bed linen?

A 40ºC gentle cycle is enough for regular cleans.  But if you are concerned about your bed linen being extra dirty, then a 60ºC level is suggested, remembering that too hot a setting too often can damage the bed linen's fibers.

The choice of detergents is important to consider as your bed linen is in direct contact with your skin.  Look for eco-friendly laundry products that are a natural and safe alternative to conventional ones.  Products that do not contain any chemicals or additives are better for your skin, your health and the environment.

While it is not always possible, when the weather is suitable and you have the space, it is a great idea to hang your washing out in the fresh air and sunshine to dry.

What about your duvet and pillows?

It’s a good idea to launder your pillows and duvets twice a year.  Some products are suitable for machine washing although others will need to be professionally cleaned.

It can depend on the size and capacity of your washing machine and it can also depend on what material your duvet and pillow are made of.  Different care instructions apply so it is wise to have a good look at the instructions on their labels.

Mattresses and how you care for them can be important for your health too!