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How To Age Without Appearing To Do So! | Amoils.com

 width=As you grow older it stands to reason that you worry more about ageing but there is a lot of truth in the saying “you are as old as you feel”. Like with so many other concerns in life, thinking and acting positively can be a great help. If you can persuade yourself to think and feel younger than you actually are, then you will be so. But here are some tips to help you in your quest to slow down the ageing process along with eating healthily, getting regular exercise and taking helpful supplements.

Avoid Falling

Vivian Goldschmidt in her post has some words of wisdom when she says that even though you may have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, statistics show that regardless of bone density, it is unlikely that you will ever break a bone as studies show that over 85% of women who turn 50 years old this year will never have a hip fracture regardless of their bone density. The fact of being diagnosed causes women to react with fear and forboding when they could be living carefree lives. I know my own doctor wants me to have a bone density scan but I have decided against it. I do my best to live and eat healthily and if the scan showed up poor bone density I would be more than reluctant to take any drugs for it anyway (because of the detrimental side effects) so personally I feel it is best to remain in blissful ignorance. What you can do is to make sure you don't fall in the first place. Vivian Godschmidt goes on to list some helpful tips to this end:
  • Stay fit and active to ensure sharp reflexes and good muscle tone. Sufficient and good sleep is important too as studies have shown that if you lack sleep or suffer from insomnia, it will have a similar effect on your reflexes as being drunk.
  • Be sensible and wear comfortable safe shoes. While high heels put you more at risk, sneakers with deep treads can also trip you up. I have tripped up by catching my foot in the turnup of my trousers before now so that is something else to remember.
  • Watch out for side effects from taking medication as these can easily cause dizziness and lack of coordination. Even worse is when you are taking more than one prescription at a time – how do you know how they react with each other? All the more reason to try and go the natural route unless it is a life threatening condition that you are having to medicate.
  • Ensure that your home is sufficiently well lit so that you can see your way especially if you have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. For the same reason, you should have a clean and clutter free house with everything in its place so that you are never at risk of falling over something. So easy to trip over an item that has been moved to a different place especially if you have your hands full.

Keep the brain active

If not used properly, your brain could atrophy as you grow older. There is much you can do to exercise that grey matter – such as crossword puzzles, working sudokus, writing and reading (particularly matter that makes you think) and just generally keeping up as well as you can with modern technology and the world around you. For some fun you can go online to for some games to determine your brain age as opposed to your real age.

Decide if you are going to grow old gracefully or turn back the clock

If you are less than happy with your looks and appearance, do something about it. We have all seen these TV programs that give you a complete make over or make you look 10 years younger. They don't just work for people on TV, they work for you and me too. You can lessen your wrinkles, cut your hair into a less aging style and take a good look at your wardrobe. As it is we already look younger than our parents or grandparents did at the same age as we are now. But at the same time we would not want to look as we did at 15 nor make those same mistakes.