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How To Avoid The Scars Of Acne Lasting A Lifetime | Amoils.com

BLOG - ACNE SCARRINGOften teens and young adults have to suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of acne itself followed by the double trouble of acne scarring.

There are three types of acne skin conditions that can lead to scarring

  • Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne and includes blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. It is the papules that you have to be careful of for scarring. Resist the temptation to squeeze them. If you only have a few red or brownish colored marks on your face after an acne outbreak, it is highly likely that these will fade away in a matter of months.
  • Acne rosacea can be confused with the acne vulgaris. Rosacea affects millions of people and appears as a red rash normally on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. As the redness is often accompanied by typical acne symptoms of bumps, pimples and skin blemishes, you can see how the two conditions can be confused. Blood vessels can become more visible on the skin in the affected area and if left untreated, rosacea can lead to more advanced stages where the vision is affected and there is swelling of the nose together with the growth of excess tissue. Acne rosacea scars are also a possibility.
  • Cystic acne is one of the more severe types of acne and almost always leaves some degree of scarring behind. Such a cystic acne scar takes a long time to heal and at worst can leave behind a permanent reminder with pits and marks which in some cases can stretch across a wide area of skin. Prevention is best with this type of acne. Avoid touching or picking and follow a healthy lifestyle so that the skin has the very best chance of rejuvenating and healing itself.

Always adopt a healthy regimen to look after your skin

Cleansing is top of the list to reduce latent bacterial on the skin’s surface. Two or three times a day, the skin should be gently washed with cool to warm water (not hot) and a soft soap or cleanser to get rid of any extra sebum on the skin’s surface and to discard the dead skin cells and debris, making sure to always use a clean cloth and never to scrub the skin. Always remove all make-up very gently. Those who have a job where they might be in contact with oil, or exercise or play sport, should wash their face even more frequently. Second on the list is to use one of the many natural acne treatments as these are safer and much more gentle than any over-the-counter or prescription medications. Suggestions include H-Acne or H-Rosacea from Healing Natural Oils. And finally, there are other helpful lifestyle changes you can follow such as drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily; taking plenty of vitamins A,C and E as well as Zinc; including lots of leafy vegetables and fresh fruit in your diet; checking labels of any make-up or sunscreen carefully as these should read “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” and be water-based; keeping the use of any hair sprays or gels well away from your face; and washing long hair or a fringe frequently so there is no oil build- up that can get on to your face. In spite of taking great care and using preventative measures, you can still be left with acne scars. It is wise to consult a dermatologist as to the various methods of scar removal so that the right one is chosen for you.

Here are some of the options available

  • Laser resurfacing where the damaged top layer of skin is removed while the middle layer is exposed and firmed to reveal a smoother skin.
  • Dermabrasion where a rotating wire brush or spinning diamond instrument wears down the surface of the skin to reveal a new and smoother look.

But there can be an unfortunate side effect

Both these methods of acne scar removal can leave the skin red which may continue for up to several months. The methods cannot be utilized if there is an active acne outbreak.

A natural way for acne scars

There is a further option and this is the use of a formula made with pure essential oils. This 100% natural formula will treat scars without surgery and without any side effects so that they fade and visibly improve. Such a product has powerful skin regenerative properties to encourage new cell growth while diminishing the size of scars, improving natural skin color and restoring skin tissue elasticity. scars1