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How To Carry Out A Daily Lymphatic Activation | Amoils.com

  trampoline (dollar paid)I am so pleased be able to share a guest post today from Merideth Genin who, among other talents, is an aromatherapist. She is a great believer in carrying out a daily lymphatic activation and here is how she suggests it should be done... "Begin with gentle bouncing, preferably on a surface that “gives” (a mini-trampoline is ideal, but not necessary). “Cone” your hands by touching all four fingertips with the ball of the thumb of each hand. Place both coned hands at the navel (it doesn't matter whether the hands touch the body or not), and move them horizontally away from and towards the navel. To activate each Power Plant, take three deep breaths, inhaling through the nose, saying the appropriate affirmation (keeping it short) while holding the breath before exhaling through the mouth. The third breath each time is super-deep, to enable the long form of the affirmation (the electrical energy from my brain, etc.) prior to the exhalation. Sometimes people are unused to breathing deeply and moving energetically so if at any time you experience dizziness or other discomfort, sit down and breathe normally (with shallow breaths) until the symptoms pass. Then resume lymphasizing with the power plant you were activating when you had to quit. Remember, please, that this is not a race or a competition; be gentle with yourself and take baby steps. It is important while you’re learning the routine that you say the affirmations aloud. Not only will this assist you in memorization, it will also help “program” the information so you can more easily integrate it into your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Some prefer to work with a recording of their own voice. Each affirmation begins with “God bless and heal my … “ but if it isn’t comfortable for you to use the word “God” you can substitute whatever word you prefer to invoke the divine. In my opinion, all spiritual traditions are aiming for the same goal, but dogmas and some traditions have interfered with, rather than hurried along, our progress. Lymphasizing is totally non-sectarian, and valuable for every human on the planet. For example, if you’re sharing this with a devout atheist, they can use the word "god" as an acronym for generator-operator-destroyer – the electromagnetic principles valid throughout the known universe. Dry brushing your skin every day will speed the process along with drinking adequate pure water It does take three weeks to make or break a habit, so make yourself a three week calendar to track your progress. If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. I know someone who’s known this technique for more than 8 years but still hasn't got it memorized, so I urge you to be kind to yourself if you find it slow going. Eventually, you’ll have it down perfectly, and in the meantime, you’ll be responding to your efforts at the cellular level no matter how much or how little you've committed to memory. 1. When you have decided on your affirmation such as: (Inhale.) God bless and heal my right brain and my left brain (exhale) – you then repeat it twice more with a super deep inhale before saying: The electrical energy from my brain now goes to all my glands, and in turn, to every part of my body from head to feet. (exhale). 2. God bless and heal my pineal gland x 3. The electrical energy from this power plant goes to all my glands, expands my consciousness, regulates my life’s rhythms, and sends an electrical current from the top of my head to my big toes. 3. God bless and heal my pituitary gland x 3. The electrical energy from this power plant goes to my mind and memory, and sends an electrical current from the top of my head to my big toes. 4. God bless and heal my thyroid glands x 3. The electrical energy from this power plant maintains the metabolism of all my trillions of cells, and helps me assert my will in the world. 5. God bless and heal my thymus gland x3. The electrical energy from this gland goes to my heart, lungs, bones and spleen, bringing white blood cells from the bone marrow to the thymus to make T-cells that can kill bacteria, viruses and even cancer. Where do I want these T-cells to go right now? (Mentally direct the T-cells to anywhere you know you need healing.) 6. God bless and heal my adrenal glands x3. The electrical energy from this power plant goes to my skin and kidneys, and sends an electrical current from my tailbone to the base of my skull, and up and down the spine. 7. God bless and heal my pancreas x 3. The electrical energy from this power plant maintains my blood sugar level, digestion and heat, helping me to assimilate all the sweetness of life. 8. God bless and heal my reproductive glands x 3. The electrical energy from this power plant maintains my sexual energy, hormone production, responses, reproduction, creativity, prosperity, manifestation and partnerships. 9. Now all my power plants are on x 3! Where does my body need special help and attention right now? (Mentally direct the electrical energy anywhere you know you need it.) This information is stored in your subconscious mind. For example, God bless and heal me of allergies x 3. Whatever I’ve been allergic to has acted as a poison in my system. All poisons have frequencies. With the electrical energy generated in these power plants, I can identify, neutralize and eliminate any poison from inside or outside my body, or anything in the auric field, right now. 10. (Note: this affirmation requires four breaths instead of the usual three.) God bless and heal my chemical and emotional balance x 3. All vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, biochemic cell salts, and any other nutrient necessary for my physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing is available to me right now. (New breath.) God bless and heal my emotions. Let me resonate with peace, love, harmony, joy, and abundance, and eliminate unwarranted fear, anger, envy, conflict and poverty from my life. That’s it - the basic lymphasizing routine The redial method for reactivating the power plants (whenever you need additional energy throughout the day) is: God bless and heal numbers one through ten. God bless and heal numbers one through ten. God bless and heal number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Activate! Activate! Activate! The Power Breath Technique Power Breath (after your daily lymphatic activation, or whenever you need an energy boost - for example if you’re under-dressed in cold weather or carrying something heavy): Inhale AND exhale through the mouth, through lightly clenched teeth, exhaling with an audible “Sshhh!” sound. The sequence is: Inhale, exhale; Inhale, exhale; Inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Keep repeating this sequence, which sounds like Inhale, Sshhh! Inhale, Sshhh! Inhale, sshhh! Sshhh! Sshhh! For the very last repetition, keep exhaling (sshhhing) until you’re out of breath. The sound and motion of the power breath activates both the lymphatic and respiratory systems. The Dry Skin Brushing Technique Using a natural bristle brush (vegetable or animal bristle), begin with the soles of the feet, using a circular motion, brush every inch of your skin, except the nipples. Always brush toward the heart. Use a smaller brush, with softer bristles, for your face. You will brush one leg at a time, starting at the soles and ending at the thighs, buttocks, lower torso, above the waist to heart height, then fingertips to shoulders along the outside of the arms, fingertips to armpit along the inside of the arms, back of the neck to the upper back, under the chin to the front of the neck to heart height, finally doing the face with the softer brush. Never share your skin brush and every two weeks, wash your brushes in mild soap and dry in sunlight. After you've finished brushing, take a warm shower, using soap only where you sweat heavily (underarms, groin, feet). Your body makes a hormone called vitamin D when sunlight combines with the oil on your skin. This hormone protects the calcium and other minerals stored in your bones. Soap removes this natural oil. We eliminate lots of toxins through the skin, and dry skin brushing removes the dead skin cells, with their toxic load, from your body. The Water Consumption Technique ­Life on earth is dependent on water. Just like our planet, our bodies are about 70% water. This water is recycled; if it were not, we would need to drink five GALLONS a day just to maintain function. The formula for water consumption is as follows: Take your current body weight in pounds. Divide by two. The answer is the number of ounces of water you need every day. You can drink somewhat less if, and only if, you eat structured water in the form of fresh, juicy, (preferably organic/local) vegetables and fruits - particularly “salad fruits” such as cucumbers, tomatoes, ripe bell peppers and other non-sweet fruits. Some some sweet fruit is good, especially when it’s in season." Thank you, Merideth, for sharing all these different techniques with us. If you find it rather daunting, remember what Meridrth said about this not being a race or a competition; She wants you to be gentle with yourself and to take baby steps.