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How to Handle Psoriasis with Natural Home Remedies | Amoils.com

Psoriasis on elbow. Close-up Do you suffer from this autoimmune disease or know someone who does? The good news is that there are natural ways to help treat psoriasis.

With psoriasis, your body's defence system is triggered and overreacts

The usual skin replacement process is greatly speeded up so that instead of the normal 3 to 4 weeks, the skin cells may be replaced every 2 to 6 days, leading to a build-up of skin cells on the surface of the skin. Another symptom - redness of the skin - is due to the extra blood vessels required to support this cell production increase. Without natural treatment for psoriasis, the skin can become extremely uncomfortable so that even brushing the hair can be painful. The symptoms of psoriasis commonly appear on the knees, elbows, behind the ears and on the head. The skin becomes dry, red, rough and scaly in appearance and is extremely itchy.

Some natural ways for relieving the symptoms of psoriasis

  • We have highlighted the benefits of apple cider vinegar before but one use is to re-establish the natural pH balance of your scalp. Add plenty to your scalp if you suffer from psoriasis in that area, allowing it to soak for for approximately 45 minutes before thoroughly rinsing with warm water and shampooing as normal with a natural herbal shampoo (one that contains natural oils but minus any of that toxic sodium laurel sulfate). Repeat this action every second day for maximum benefit during an outbreak.
  • Also helpful for the scalp is to apply jojoba oil and aloe vera, allowing them to soak in overnight.
  • Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. At the same time many people who have celiac disease may be at higher risk for psoriasis. Those with celiac cannot tolerate gluten – again gluten also causes inflammation. If you can change to a gluten-free diet - which eliminates wheat, barley, and rye – you could notice a huge improvement in the psoriasis.
  • Including fatty fish in your diet (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) or taking a supplement such as flax seed oil or krill oil will reduce inflammation and help to lessen the psoriasis.
  • Turmeric is another natural remedy rich in health benefits. Part of the ginger family, turmeric is found in curry powders, mustards and cheeses. But a great way to include turmeric in your diet is to add the powdered root when making a healthful veggie juice.
  • Vitamin D and the importance of high vitamin D levels as a natural psoriasis treatment have been confirmed in recent studies when this feel good hormone was found to moderate immunity in psoriasis. Vitamin D from sun exposure is the best way to optimize such levels, helping to boost the immune system and improve the psoriasis, but if this is not always possible, adding a vitamin D3 supplement is the next best choice.
  • Salt water with swimming in the ocean, taking seawater baths or applying seawater to the affected area of the psoriasis daily.
  • Avoid all chemical based soaps and other products and change to natural personal toiletries.
  • A healthy diet is great for improving every kind of condition but there are certain fruits and vegetables can be especially beneficial for psoriasis and these include beets, grapes, cucumber, dark green leafy varieties and carrots.

Not forgetting...

Along with natural home remedies, identifying and avoiding your triggers, keeping your immune system healthy by reducing stress, avoiding illness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, are the best ways to keep your psoriasis under control. H-Psoriasis is our own natural home remedy for this condition.   psoriasis1