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How To Help Your Skin Combat Harsh Weather & Air Conditioning/Central Heating

- !The extremes of harsh weather, air conditioning and central heating can leave skin feeling dry and vulnerable but we have several tools in our natural skin beauty kit to help you resolve these problems. Why not set aside some “Me Time” to give your skin some well deserved help? Be careful to check out the labels on your beauty products as you would your food labels before applying to your skin. This is because there are so many chemicals in those products and the industry itself is barely regulated. Many of the synthetic chemicals (included in skin care products) are actually skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and even carcinogenic.

A quick fix soothing DIY face mask

Start your skin rejuvenation session by mixing a tablespoon of ground porridge oats with two tablespoons of natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey (preferably raw) and a drop of lavender essential oil. Apply to the face and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.  What could be easier? lavender1

Parched skin in need of repair and moisture?

Harsh weather and the effects of central heating or air conditioning (depending on the time of year) can leave your skin feeling dry.  The barrier of our skin weakens as we grow older, taking longer to repair any damage and allowing irritants to penetrate and even cause rough patches.  Using soap too will lead to dryness so always cleanse with a natural soap-free product. Even if you have problem skin, you can safely and gently use our natural essential oils product to give back a youthful glow and the bonus is the wonderful natural smell that comes from using essential oils.


Suffering from blemishes, blotches and even acne?

Commonly thought of as just a teenage problem, did you know that a third of women can still suffer from spots and acne outbreaks into their thirties and even longer?  They may have had it in their teen years or it may be occurring for the very first time. In the same way as teens, adult acne can also be caused by hormonal changes but for different reasons – menstruation, pregnancy and other life changes. Certain cosmetics and personal products used on the face can also be the reason. Stressful situations such as studying or exams, new relationships or the use of certain medications are other triggers for acne outbreaks in all age groups. However, grains and sugars are the primary reason why most suffer with acne. Eliminating grains, sugars, candies, potatoes and corn help radically improve acne, creating an environment that does not allow bacteria and inflammation to flourish. acne1

Extremes of hot and cold and aging can lead to age spots

While the sun can be a risk, it is not the only culprit. As we age, our metabolism changes and the liver can become overwhelmed with toxins. If the liver cannot rid the body of these toxins, age spots (often known as liver spots) can begin to develop. Oxidation within the body and a lack of antioxidants in your diet can also play an important role in the development of age spots. So age spots can also be due to dietary and nutritional deficiencies. agespots1

The prevention of and protection from wrinkles

Smooth, blemish free skin helps to keep us looking younger but it is not just from the outside as we need to keep our skin wrinkle-free from the inside too. Our skin comprises two layers and wrinkles can start in either layer. ¬†That all important collagen can be¬†greatly boosted by what we put into our bodies so it is vital to avoid smoking, inflammation, insufficient nutrients in the diet,¬†too little¬†oxygen, too much stress and the perils of air pollution. ¬†Think about your lifestyle choices for working from the inside while our¬†own H-Glow Formula¬†will give you the help you might need from the outside in. glow1