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How to Keep Your Hands Fresh & Clean Naturally After Smelly Cooking Chores | Amoils.com

 width=If you are one of the those “hands on” people like me who don't even own a pair of rubber gloves for using in the kitchen, then these tips are for you! When I start chopping up onions or pressing garlic, I always seem to end up with stinky hands with an odor that keeps on lingering no matter what I do. Well now it seems that I have been doing the wrong thing by trying to wash my hands with hot water and soap.

The correct methods for getting your hands back to their fresh as a daisy smell

1. Before trying any of the other methods, wash your hands with soap and cold water because hot water opens up those pores in the skin of your hands so that any residue and smells penetrate further. If cold water does not help then try some of these other solutions. 2. Take any stainless steel item such as a mixing bowl and rub it all over your hands under cold running water. Would you believe that this will remove those onion, garlic and other smells? Apparently it works particularly well with garlic because the sulphur in the garlic combines with the chromium in the stainless steel. This is why only stainless steel must be used to remove smells from your hands, and not other iron alloys, as they do not contain chromium. 3. Mix a little water and baking power into a paste and rub it into your hands. Wash, rinse and done. 4. Another way is to rub your hands with salt by pouring a small amount of salt into your dry hands and rubbing them together. Sometimes moistening the salt with a little water will improve its adhesion. The smells get transferred on to the salt which you can then just rinse away. This is a very natural way to clean your hands. 5. Lemon or lime juice also work well to the neutralize any smells on your hand. Either use full strength or dilute with a little water to make this citrus remedy a little less drying to the skin. And the bonus is that you have lovely lemon or lime smelling hands for some time afterwards. 6. The sixth tip is to use antiseptic mouthwash. Just rub some onto your hands to both neutralize smells as well as kill off any bacteria on your hands which could be adding to the odor problem in the first place. 7. Finally, really smelly fishy hands can be got rid of putting a tablespoon of salt along with some dish washing liquid in your hands and rubbing them together to work in both the sale and the dish washing liquid before rinsing well. In addition, to limit the fishy smell in the first place, try chilling the fish thoroughly before you begin to prepare it.

One word of warning!

Just be careful with the "salt, the lemon juice and the mouthwash" if you have any cuts or rashes on your hands as they could be a bit painful and irritating to any breaks in the skin.