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Good Teeth Health and How Our Cavities may be Filled in the Future!

There is some very interesting research going on

This is information about a drug used for Alzheimer’s which may help regrow missing teeth. 

A recent study found that an Alzheimer drug, called tideglusib, actually encourages teeth to regenerate themselves by stimulating stem cells within the pulp of teeth - and helping them to generate new dentin. 

While it is known that teeth are in a constant process to heal naturally, this drug was found to promote such growth at a much faster rate with enough growing occurring to fill in spaces caused by trauma - including cavities and tooth decay. 

And you don't have to keep taking the drug internally to achieve a result...  

The lead researcher of the study, Professor Paul Sharp said, “The simplicity of our approach makes it ideal as a clinical dental product for the natural treatment of large cavities, by providing both pulp protection and restoring dentin.” 


And this is how it was done...

In the study, researchers soaked a tiny biodegradable sponge with tideglusib and inserted it into a cavity. After six weeks, they found the growth of dentin was significant enough to repair the damaged tooth.

The sponges used in the treatments were made of collagen, so they eventually disintegrated into the mouth without leaving anything but a repaired tooth behind.  

While this is good news for future dental health, it does not mean that we should be neglecting to take care of our teeth. 


Why we must continue to practise good dental health

Your teeth are the only organ that penetrates the host internal tissue and exists in the outside environment. There’s a thin oral integumentary tissue, which allows this transition to exist, making your teeth extremely vulnerable to microbial invasion.

This vulnerability means we must take good care of both our teeth and our immune system health to maintain strong healthy teeth.

We all know how to clean our teeth, to keep them flossed and to have regular checkups but there is more...


Looking after our teeth

Although a new use for an existing drug is on the horizon for regrowing missing teeth, we still need to heal our mouths naturally while preventing problems - and the main causes for dental problems are:

  • Smoking
  • Immune system dysfunction or disease
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Sugar consumption and
  • Poor nutrition, your teeth will always degrade more rapidly without the presence of good nutrients - including fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2.