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How To Make Your Own Simple Chest Rub For The Winter Months

Woman applying cream on chestEveryone has heard of Vicks VapoRub but this commercial product is not always ideal with a history of even aggravating respiratory problems instead of treating them. We have shared our tips and concerns on using Vicks VaporRub in an earlier post along with a recipe for homemade chest rub.

But now we have found a less complicated recipe

And here it is:


  • One tablespoon spoonful extra virgin coconut oil.
Coconut oil and fresh coconut on white background
  • Three drops lemon essential oil. (Our own Lemon Essential Oil is 100% pure and natural and of the highest quality. It is cold pressed from the peel of California lemons.) Lemon oil is such a favorite essential oil with its wonderful qualities and its fresh citrus aroma.
  • Three drops eucalyptus essential oil or...
  • An alternative for children under the age of ten years) three drops of melaleuca oil.


Mix all ingredients together and rub into your chest and upper back as needed.