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How to Strengthen Your Hair!



When you are busy with your beauty routine, don't forget to include your hair too!

There are several reasons why your hair might not be at its best. 

  • Pollution which can dry out your hair.  Pollutants can also combine with hot sun and wind to weaken hair strands and lead to breakage and split ends.  A dry and flaky scalp can be another consequence of pollution.
  • Stress.  Studies have shown that stress can cause and contribute to several hair loss conditions.
  • build-up of quick-fix styling products.
  • Growing older.
  • Thinning hair.
  • Turning grey.

But that does not mean you cannot start getting back your previous crowning glory.

We rely on nourishing oils to protect our skin - and in the same way, similar products can help to protect, maintain and strengthen the scalp and roots so that we once again have thick, glossy hair. 

Here is what Simply Hair Oil can do for you

There are three different methods to use...

1.  Divide your hair into different sections before applying a few drops of Simply Hair Oil to the tips of the hair.  Take care to pay special attention to any dry or split ends before washing out the oil.

2.  For the ultimate night-time repair ritual, apply two to three drops along sections of brushed, parted hair and massage as if shampooing to cover roots and scalp, working oil through to ends. Once applied (you may wish to cover your pillow a towel), sleep well, wake and shampoo and condition as normal.  This overnight protocol will provide a deeply strengthening treatment.  The shampooing and conditioning will give you beautifully conditioned, healthy-looking hair.

3.  If you prefer to treat in a shorter space of time, leave in for two hours (as that is sufficient time for the oil to penetrate and nourish scalp and roots) and then wash as normal.

Use twice weekly for the first six weeks and if you are on vacation (when hair is more likely to become dry and parched) before reducing to weekly sessions.

Regular treatment helps reduce premature thinning, adds thickness, softness and shine.

A head massage is another form of treatment for your hair and more...

It can induce a state of calm, helping to relax and de-stress.  You can do it yourself, using a basic head massage gadget illustrated below.  Any type of head massage will also assist in getting rid of a headacheOther benefits include: helping to revitalize the brain and body; Improving concentration; improving blood circulation to different areas of the head; helping in getting good quality sleep; and strengthening hair roots.

How to do head massage

Following some basic tips, you will be able to do the procedure yourself, using an oil of your choice.

  • Coconut oil is the number one (just needing to be heated very slightly first to make it more liquid).
  • Essential oils are another suggestion with the fragrance chosen helping to relax your stiff muscles.
  • Worried about hair loss? Then use rosemary diluted with coconut oil to increase hair growth while a few drops of tea-tree oil will help with dandruff. Warm some of the chosen oil in the palm of your hands and gently rub it into the crown of your head.
  • Slowly apply the oil to your scalp with your fingers, making sure to cover the whole area.
  • Afterwards, put your fingers inside you hair and rub your scalp slowly without any use of force – just enough to generate a little warmth. Once you feel the warmth, close your eyes and continue rubbing gently.
  • At the same time, massage your forehead and neck for optimum results.
  • Move your fingers slowly once again after you finish rubbing your scalp and feel the vibration generated to de-stress yourself.
  • Try to massage your head regularly before going to bed to get a good night's sleep and avoid the symptoms of insomnia.
  • An extra bonus when using oil for the head massage is that it makes your hair strong, silky and smooth.
  • Try to keep the massage up for at least 5 minutes at a time - regularly.

An important point to remember with head massages, and of course all massage therapies, is to drink several glasses of pure filtered water within the 24 hours following treatment. This will help to flush out toxins.

 It is also important to relax after the treatment, in order to maximize its effectiveness.




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