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How Hygienic Is Your Smart Phone?

 width= Never out of your hand, it is no wonder that today's smart phone could be a ticking "germ" time bomb. Of course, we are exposed to germs on all the every day things that we touch - money, handrails, shopping carts, gym equipment, toilet seats, washroom door handles and more. And we are encouraged to wash our hands when we get home, or to our workplace, especially before we start handling food and beverages.

How smart phones are different

When we touch our phones, we transfer the bacteria from our hands to our phones and other hand-held devices. When stored in warm, dark places like that pair of jean's pocket or purse (along with your phone’s warm battery), the bacteria on your phone will quickly multiply. The smart phone is in constant contact with your hands, face and mouth which are all highly susceptible to the transmission of germs. In addition, when your cell is not in use, it is generally stored somewhere closed and warm like a pocket or a purse. Because of the warmth and potential moisture, these are both great breeding areas for any germs and bacteria that has found its way to your phone. A couple of years ago, we wrote about a washable cell phone. It has now been released but is only available in Japan at this time.

How to keep your smart phone clean

  • Keeping clean hands, washed with hot soapy water, is a great first step to maintaining cell phone and personal health. Reward your hardworking and now clean hands with our own Simply Hand Oil. width=
  • Use alcohol wipes to clean your smart phone. Although, it is said that these will not reach into all the grooves where bacteria could be hiding, used periodically throughout the day they will kill germs.
  • There are also specialized products on the market for cleaning your phone.
  • You should not borrow another person's phone nor allow anyone to use yours without cleaning it first. Obviously in an emergency, these suggestions fall away. While your children and spouse will often play or use your smart phone, you should as a general rule keep it to yourself. Apart from living in your purse or your pocket, your smart phone is often put to your face. Think of it in the same way as a comb, hairbrush or tooth brush - not usually lent to others!
  • Finally, don't handle your smart phone at the table. Wash your hands before you eat and wait until you have finished your meal before you pick it up again. That habit is unsociable and unsanitary!
While smart phones have revolutionized the way the world communicates, that same smart phone could well have revolutionized the spread of germs and disease.