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Is There A Link Between Poor Nutrition and Allergies & Other Conditions? | Amoils.com

Sick little girl in red scarf coughing isolated on a white background Nearly everyone you meet these days would seem to be suffering from an allergy or chronic condition or has a friend or relative who is. For example, 1 in every 17 children has some type of extreme food allergy.

Why is this happening and why are some conditions reaching epidemic proportions?

Could it be because of poor nutrition and should we be trying to start the new year by making a concerted effort to improve our own nutrition and lifestyle habits instead of thinking that we can just pop a pill if something goes wrong with our health? In spite of the high cost of healthcare, many will go to the doctor at the first sign of feeling unwell, expecting to be prescribed medication. In the past, doctor visits were limited to accidental injuries and life threatening illness and we are only too aware of how modern medicine is amazing at dealing with trauma accidents and incidents, strokes, heart attacks and the like. But it used to be that when people got a fever, they waited it out. When they felt sick, they ate chicken soup, drank lots of liquids and had plenty of rest. They did not have their doctor or nurse on speed dial, and trusted the body’s natural healing process a whole lot more than we do today. Their food was their natural medicine. Today, we are constantly bombarded on TV and in the press by advertisements trying to convince us that we are ill so that we go to see a doctor who will give us a prescription that in many instances we do not need. Talk about the power of auto suggestion. No, you do not need to “speak to your doctor about whether XXX will work for you.”

We all need to start taking charge of our own health again

And the best way to achieve this is through our own mouth because too many companies are getting rich on the illnesses that have been created by the mass production of food, the radiation of food, the use of pesticides, the growth of GMOs as well as more and more preservatives, additives and general processed food.

Here are 5 steps to start eating more naturally

1. Using local seasonal food wherever possible without the need for preservatives. 2. Forgetting about the latest fad diet or calorie counting and instead concentrating on eating a balanced, whole food diet minus anything artificial. 3. Learning to cook your own food at home from scratch. It really is not difficult and you get to use the best ingredients – those that have not been treated with antibiotics and hormone and those without GMOs, food additives, artificial colorings and flavorings, stabilizers and thickeners. 4. Including some raw foods in your diet. Sprouting your own seeds in the kitchen is cheap, easy and nutritious. 5. Unless you are vegetarian, take a tip from your grandparents and learn to cook and eat all types of meat, so that you get the benefit of mineral rich bone broths and organ meats that in the past were so valued for their medicinal properties.

But there is more

There are other things we can learn from earlier generations too. They spent a lot more time outdoors which is one of the reasons why so many are vitamin D deficient today. Along with the sunlight, came the ability of the body to adapt to the bacterial environment which surrounds you. When a child plays in mud (or even eats it!) their young immune system is generally able to grow to resist complex bacteria, putting them at an advantage throughout their lives. Nutrition affects every cell in our body. The health of our cells is dependent on diet and lifestyle. Cells create tissues, tissues create organs and, of course, we are made up of a system of organs. If our nutrition is inadequate, the integrity of each cell, tissue and organ in our body will suffer so that can become more sensitive to certain foods. Toxins also affect our cells - whether from vaccines, medications, chemicals in our homes and surroundings or in the air we breathe - compounding the problems caused by poor nutrition. With the current epidemics of obesity, allergies, diabetes 2 and now dementia, nutrition (or lack of it) is playing a huge role. In fact, what we eat could be the number 1 cause of such problems and in the same way could be the best way to treat them. We may be living longer but we are living sicker.   amoils - pills vs veggies