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Is There an Alternative & More Cost Effective Way to Care for Your Teeth? | Amoils.com

Beautiful woman smile. Teeth whitening. Dental care. One of the most expensive health maintenance programs we all have to follow, wherever we are in the world, is dental care and it can be difficult to avoid. But there is a more natural way out there to follow, mostly by changing dietary routines so that you actually remineralize your teeth when they are damaged.

Your diet can be much more important even than your toothbrush

It is well known that those who live among primitive tribes in remote areas of the world have very little if any tooth decay and probably don't go in for any obvious dental hygiene. Of course the lack of any Western style diet plays a huge role.

Their foods are natural, unprocessed, organic and of course minus the dreaded and damaging sugar

  • They eat locally grown, seasonal foods
  • They eat fermented foods
  • Many eat unpasteurized dairy products
  • A significant portion of their food is raw and
  • They eat animal products including animal fat, full fat butter and organ meats

Much the same as those in the Western world use to eat decades ago

In addition, much is wrong with modern and Western beliefs and ways about handling dental work and cavities in particular. People fail to make the connection with the state of their teeth (as well as their general health) and what they eat and drink. The modern system of dentistry is based on the belief that tooth decay is caused by bacteria and that bacteria ingest foods in the mouth, produces acid, thus causing the physical structure of teeth to erode. This theory then aims to control bacterial growth in the mouth as a treatment to prevent cavities.

The normal course of events

We are therefore encouraged to brush our teeth all the time to eliminate these dangerous bacteria; rinse our mouth with chemicals to eliminate more dangerous bacteria; before flossing to eliminate the remaining bacteria and food particles. Part 2 arises if these tactics fail. We go on to have the bacterial infestations removed from our mouth by a dental drill. If the bacterial growth progresses, the tooth root can become infected, which then requires a root canal filling. The top of the tooth is removed and the inside of the tooth cleaned with chemicals before being filled with a synthetic material, leaving the inside of the tooth sterile. If all else fails, the tooth must be removed and a fake tooth or no tooth is the end result.

So is there an alternative?

I found several accounts by people who had successfully remineralized their teeth and greatly improved their oral health. One was Katie of WellnessMama who explained the method she used to help heal cavities and improve her oral health.
  • I drastically cut foods that contained phytic acid. I already wasn’t eating grains or beans, but I also cut or limited nuts. Note - people who consume large amounts of phytic acid in the form of grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes have higher rates of tooth decay, mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis.
  • I limited foods containing even natural sugars or starches- fruit and even starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and focused on mineral rich vegetables, bone broths, meats and healthy fats.
  • I ate a LOT of healthy fats. I added about 1/4 cup extra of coconut oil to my diet each day, and used only pastured, cultured butter.
  • I made an effort to consume a lot of home made bone broth for its added minerals.
To recap: No grains, beans or nuts and limited fruits and starches. Lots of vegetables, protein, healthy fats and bone broth. Not content with changing her diet alone, Katie went on to increase her mineral levels with some supplements because, as most of us know, many foods are lower in nutrients from being grown in nutrient depleted soil. She recommended:
  • Fermented cod liver oil and butter blend
  • Vitamin D
  • Plenty of organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil

Katie has some further tips when cleaning your teeth

  • Brushing daily with an homemade remineralizing toothpaste (recipe below) as well as rinsing the mouth out with both calcium and magnesium powders dissolved in water, providing minerals and keeping the mouth alkaline.
  • Rinsing daily with food grade hydrogen peroxide to keep mouth bacteria away (with the added bonus of whitening the teeth.)
  • Every second day, brushing with some activated charcoal, helping to pull toxins from the mouth.
I would like to add my own comment and that is the importance of oil pulling for your oral health.

Here is the recipe for that homemade remineralizing toothpaste

  • 5 parts calcium powder or calcium magnesium powder
  • 1 part Diatomaceous Earth (optional)
  • 2 parts baking soda
  • 3 parts xylitol powder - to take away any bitter taste
  • 3 to 5 parts coconut oil for improved texture
Optional ingredients: essential oils for flavor (eg mint or cinnamon), grapefruit seed extract, myrr and trace minerals. Method:
  • Mix all powdered ingredients well in a bowl, powdering any tablets first in a food processor
  • Add Coconut Oil one part at a time until you get desired consistency
  • Add any of the optional ingredients.
Store in a glass jar ready for use just as you would for regular toothpaste.

Consider changing to a biological dentist

He or she will view your teeth and gums as an integrated part of your body with any treatments taking this into account. The primary aim of this type of holistic dentistry is to resolve your dental problems while impacting the rest of your body as little as possible. Biological dentists are more aware of the dangers involved with certain dentistry materials embraced by some conventional dentists, namely those silver fillings that are 50% mercury that often come with dangerous repercussions to your health. Please do comment below if you have any personal experience with going natural with your teeth. We would love to hear from you... Sources: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/09/19/Secrets-Your-Dentist-Doesnt-Want-You-To-Know.aspx http://wellnessmama.com/3650/how-to-remineralize-teeth-naturally/ http://preventdisease.com/news/articles/cavities_someday_heal_themselves.shtml