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Is This Method One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Body Disease-Free? | Amoils.com

 width=Many natural practitioners believe that one of the most powerful ways of remaining healthy and disease-free is to ensure the correct acid/alkaline balance in the body because it is well known that disease thrives in an acid environment. It is also a fact that our blood is naturally slightly alkaline so if we can also keep the body alkaline, this helps the body systems to function effectively.

You can make the water you drink the correct pH level by using pH drops

But when you research on the internet, you will find those for and against in much the same way as with any other commodity. pH drops are commercially-available liquid drops that are added to drinking water in order to adjust its pH balance. The liquid comes in a small bottle while attached to the cap is a small eyedropper so the liquid can be added to a glass of water in drop-by-drop measurements. Another way is to use pH capsules which must be dissolved into the water.

What is pH

The term pH is actually a measurement scale to ascertain how acidic or alkaline a solution or fluid is. Very pure water is called 'neutral' and has a pH balance of about 7, while liquids that have a pH of greater than 7 are called 'basic' or 'alkaline'. Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are called 'acidic'. The pH scale is generally measured from a rating of '0' up to '14'. The pH level of your blood is around 7.35 which is ideal for the many systems and functions of your body that rely upon your blood having this precise pH level. Alkaline pH levels are much more healthy in the human body while in contrast, acidic pH levels become more dangerous when more acid is built up because acidity weakens the immune system. Although pH levels with high alkalinity can be equally harmful, the concern is that the modern Western diet tends to make many people have a pH level on the side of acidity rather than alkalinity.

There is an interesting short video on YouTube that shows how various liquids test for acidity including cola, diet coke, orange juice, wine, beer and tap water

Drinking lots of water can help flush out the excessive acids. It is very important of course to stay hydrated but the water you drink should be alkaline and mineral rich. This is where the use of pH drops have become popular but they should not be used without first testing your pH balance as it is possible to have a too high alkalinity in the first place. PH drops are considered to be a safe substance unless you already have some medical problem of an extremely strong concentration of alkalinity in your systems. If your test result showed an ideal pH balance, then you would not need the drops.

The downside of pH

Some of those who use pH drops have found they have problems with constipation and bloating. Apparently this is because the liver and kidneys do not function as well so that the gall bladder does not release bile and without bile release, there is often no bowel movement. Instead of pH drops, some people advocate the use of pure lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon into half a liter of warm water in the morning to raise the pH and oxygen and drink this to help detox the kidneys and the liver. The lemon water will also facilitate bile release, preventing any constipation. A simple and inexpensive way to make alkaline water.