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You Can Avoid These Pitfalls If Working All Day At A Computer Is Leading To Weight Gain | Amoils.com

Businesswoman It is very easy to become a couch potato when you work most of the day, at a desk or work station, on your computer. Apart from the strain on your back and your eyes, there is the additional risk of putting on weight.  

You might need to take some action

  • Stay away from sodas which are packed with sugar, or even worse harmful artificial sweeteners, and other toxic chemicals which can detrimentally affect your health and your weight. Be aware that such sodas can become addictive. Rather drink a cup or two of tea or some good quality freshly made coffee.
  • Important to drink plenty of water both for avoiding weight gain and for its health benefits. For optimum results, try to drink at least 8 glasses per day of filtered water – you do not need to waste money and further harm the environment by buying plastic bottles of water.
  • Of course sugar is the big “no no” for so many reasons including weight gain. The maximum amount of sugar you should have daily is just 6 teaspoons. That is quite a difficult number to aim for when everything these days seems to have added sugar. Many will think that sugar will give you an energy boost but, while it gives you a quick spike, it just leads to a craving for more. There are lots of healthy good things you can eat instead of sugary treats such as a small daily block of good quality cocoa dark chocolate, raw almonds or walnuts, fresh fruit, raw vegetable smoothies, spoonfuls of coconut oil and more.
  • Include exercise in your working day at the computer by doing regular chair exercises, getting up and walking round the office from time to time, standing at your chair and doing some stretches and bends and even using one of the exercise balls that you can both sit and exercise on. You can exercise further by standing up and moving around every hour on the hour (set a timer if this helps you to remember); walking to walk if possible or at the very least part of the way (just 15 minutes a day will make all the difference); always using the stairs and not the elevators to take you to and from your office floor; taking a walk during tea breaks; and getting out into the fresh air in your lunch break for both some exercise and to clear your mind for the afternoon ahead. All of these methods will help you avoid weight gain and improve your fitness levels.
  • Don't be tempted to buy less than healthy food from a vending machine, local shop or fast food outlet when you can bring your lunch from home instead. Snacks such as baby carrots, feta cheese, avocado, sprouts, corn-on-the-cob, tomato, celery sticks, tubs of natural yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit and many more items make excellent office lunches. Not only will you prevent weight gain, but you will probably save money too.
It takes some extra effort and will power to live a healthy lifestyle at your computer - but maintaining your target weight is a good incentive.