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Is Your Medication Ineffective? Find Out What You Can Use Instead | Amoils.com

844865_20579095The healing properties of essential oils are many, varied and extremely effective. And importantly, the healing properties of essential oils have tremendous potential to reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals with their synthetic ingredients and adverse side effects. The list of plants providing these healing essential oils is almost endless.

Here is just a small handful

  • Clove bud or lemon grass for numbing pain
  • Chamomile or geranium for anti-inflammatory action
  • Cinnamon or ginger for relieving pain by producing heat
  • Lemon eucalyptus or lemon verbena for relieving pain through relaxation
  • Sandalwood or tangerine for inducing sleep
  • Peppermint or basil to inhale for headaches
  • Marjoram or neroli to relieve stress
  • Angelica or bergamot for depression
  • Cardamon or jasmine to stimulate and make you alert
  • Ylang ylang or rose to lower high blood pressure
  • Thyme or garlic as powerful antibacterial agents
  • Bay rum or geranium as more gentle antibacterial oils
  • Juniper or Melissa for treating viral infections
The most common way in which essential oils enter the body is through the nose and the skin. Oils absorbed through skin pores and hair follicles enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Because you smell the fragrances as the oil is rubbed on your skin, you can often benefit from both inhalation and the topical administration.

Smells are very important in our lives

They so often trigger memories of events in the past that we had almost forgotten. In addition to memories, smells can initiate different physiological responses that can go so far as to affect our entire body and mental outlook and those healing properties in essential oils include the different smells produced. The cost of making essentials oils is high, so most commercial product fragrances do not use the genuine article but rather those that are chemically synthesized. They might smell like the real thing but they will not have the healing properties – quite the reverse as many of the chemicals used may even be harmful by causing an allergic reaction.

Two treatment therapies that use essential oils for their healing properties

  • Psycho Aromatherapy where essential oils are used to either stimulate or relax the brain. Some oils can have calming and tranquilizing effects while others are energizing. These oils can relieve depression, stress and anxiety and promote a general feeling of well being.
Whatever condition you might be suffering from, there may well be a healing natural oil product to treat it. These products are made from essential oils with all the healing properties that they bring. Such products are specially formulated to target a specific condition so there is no hit and miss. Essential oils are highly complex mixtures of often hundreds of individual aroma compounds so research, knowledge and experience are needed to get the perfect mix.