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Knitting Has These Top Ten Health Benefits

  Who would have thought that the relatively simple hobby of knitting would actually be so beneficial to the knitters themselves?
We often think that knitting is something enjoyed by the very young or the elderly, not realizing that it can be beneficial to people of all ages and whether they are male or female. As well as just enjoying knitting, it comes with all these health benefits too, helping to reduce depression and anxiety, slow the onset of dementia and distract from chronic pain.  width=

1. Knitting trains the mind and improves our cognitive function

This is because the decisions you make when knitting helps you to visualize what it will look like when you have completed the task, stimulating your motor cortex, frontal and occipital lobes which in turn strengthens your mind while slowing down any cognitive impairment.

2. Knitting creates a sense of purpose

If you are goal driven, knitting is perfect for those who want to set achievable tasks. In fact the success of the task can lead to the release of dopamine, stimulating your reward center and even leading to euphoria. Knitting helps you to focus only on its process and progress. You become so focused that everything else seems to disappear.

3. Knitting relieves stress and anxiety

This is because knitting is very therapeutic, allowing you to focus on the task in front of you instead of spending time and energy on concentrating on worries that are not in your power to control. Research has even found that blood pressure levels can be improved. Knitting makes the perfect past-time to take up if you are going through an especially difficult period in your life and need a distraction.

4. Knitting improves our concentration skills

Whatever your age, knitting tones down any fidgeting and particularly helps those who have trouble focusing on one task. And as you see the results of your progress, this continues to help and improve your concentration.

5. Knitting helps to improve our memory

Knitting requires consistent practice and dedication to develop skill with all knitters making mistakes. But such mistakes improves our memory, teaching us to remember, recall and then avoid such mistakes in the future. Knitting has been linked to reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Research has found that by exercising the human brain, it is made more resilient.

6. Regularly knitting ensures good habits

Knitting is a good habit to get into, keeping you busy without being detrimental to your health or interfering with your daily life. And the side effect of the relaxation from knitting can lead to an improved management of chronic pain.

7. The physical act of knitting strengthens our upper limbs

Knitting is not a speed competition so you are free to work at your own pace. Its rhythmic actions can actually aid in the prevention of arthritis and tendinitis. Small bouts of knitting enable you to exercise the arms and hands without exerting excessive force that can lead to musculoskeletal damages.

8. Knitting means you have to put away the digital devices

In a world saturated with technology, it’s so easy to be glued to digital devices instead of the real world. Knitting is a simple and affordable way to separate yourself from technology. It also lessens the strain on your eyes (induced by artificial lights) and helps you appreciate time.

9. Knitting means quality time

When you’re knitting, you’re equipped with the power of choice. You set your own goals that lined up with your preferences, giving you a sense of control for your “me time.” Like any other sport, knitting establishes quality individual time to do something you consciously want to do as a leisure activity.

10. Knitting can lead to a better social life

You are less likely to be lonely when you knit because there are usually local knitting groups to join. It is an activity that can be continued even into really old age from the comfort of an armchair. Knitters are also able to donate their knitting to those in need - there is always a project on the go - so they feel useful and wanted. Knitting can be an enriching experience and a mentally healthy way to build friendships.  width= Even if you have never knitted before, it is not difficult to start this inexpensive hobby. And if you have not got a close friend or relative to help you get going, there are plenty of You Tube videos to show you how!