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Would You Like to be Able to Wash Your Phone Along With Your Hands?

Happy girl texting on the smart phone walking down the street wearing a red jacket in autumn Many are very concerned about picking up germs from everything they touch and use - and we have written before about the many public places that can be teeming with these nasties. The almost indispensable cell phone is one such place with a 2012 study claiming that the average phone can have up to ten times more germs than a regular toilet seat. Now the "washable" smart phone has been invented by a Japanese company - Kyocera.

The washable smart phone

The Kyocera Rafre can be lathered in soapy suds at the same time as you wash your hands and without any risk to this precious electronic device. In addition, it comes with a revolutionary screen that can be used while your clean hands are still wet! The phone has been designed to withstand running water from the faucet but there is a drawback - the makers are not happy for it to be submerged in hot water.

Hand gesture controls

The phone users can in addition avoid touching the display itself because of new hand gesture controls (within a cooking app) that allows them to set timers, check and scroll their recipes, and answer these same phones - all hands-free.

Not widely available yet...

The manufacturers have said that the phone will only be available in Japan, and comes in three colors - pink, blue and white.

The best method of washing your hands

It is the germs when we are out and about that we need to be aware of. Germs are categorized by four types: viruses, bacteria, protozoans and fungi. When you get home, give your hands a good wash with soap and water but avoid antibactial soap. Washing your hands properly should take about as long as singing "Happy Birthday" twice (some twenty seconds). 1. Wet your hands with warm water. 2. Apply enough soap to cover all over your hands, using a natural fragrance-free soap. 3. Rub hands palm to palm. 4. Rub the back of your left hand with your right palm with interlaced fingers. Repeat with the other hand. 5. Rub your palms together with fingers interlaced. 6. Rub the backs of your fingers against your palms with fingers interlocked. 7. Clasp your left thumb with your right hand and rub in rotation. Repeat with your left hand and right thumb. 8. Rub the tips of your fingers in the other palm in a circular motion, going backwards and forwards. Repeat with the other hand. 9. Rinse hands with water (warm or cold). 10. Dry thoroughly, ideally with a disposable towel and then use that same disposable towel to turn off the tap. For a real treat for your hands, we have our own – Simply Hand Oil Formula – which is completely natural with all simply pure oils that your skin will love and that will love your skin back. Give your hands this luxurious hand treatment to instantly improve the skin’s natural moisture cushion while restoring comfort and glow to one of the body’s most exposed areas. It deeply hydrates, softens and enhances the look of the skin, providing nourishment and promoting healthy and radiant looking hands.

And yet is all the hand washing necessary or even advisable?

Many allergy experts are now saying it is vital for our health to reduce the amount of hand washing and thereby allow friendly microbes to make their way back into our mouths. Some of these experts even go as far as urging us to eat dirt. But surely there is a difference between garden soil (known as dirt) and actual germs that are being passed around and could make us sick? simply-hand