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Make All Round Laundry Savings With These Wool Dryer Balls

Many small balls of wool of rainbow colors in busket. Here is something new to try, saving on your electricity and dryer use as well as reducing static and making your clothes softer. Try these felted wool dryer balls as a safe and natural addition to your laundry process. As the felted wool gently rubs against your clothing fibers, it softens clothes naturally while separating clothes. Many consumers are happy to use dryer sheets. Unfortunately, these are toxic. Dryer sheets are designed to stay on clothing for a long period of time and slowly release their chemicals throughout the day and night, which leads to prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals. While many consider hanging clothes out to dry in the sun to be old fashioned and inconvenient, the sun’s rays act as totally natural and efficient disinfectant – killing germs, bacteria and dust mites that might have survived the washing process. Using a dryer may be faster and more convenient but, if you’re using toxic dryer sheets, you could affect your health and that of your family. These felted wool dryer balls are a safe, natural alternative.

How to make felted wool dryer balls

You will need:
  • 100% wool yarn (no blends or anything labeled “superwash”) as only 100% wool will felt.
  • Essential oils.
  • Pantyhose or old pillow case.
And then... Wind the wool around your index and middle fingers a few turns before slipping the wool loops off and start to wind the wool around the loops to form the beginnings of a ball. Rotate the ball after you wind a few turns in one direction and keep going until it reaches the size of a tennis ball. Tuck the ends of the wool into the balls to prevent them from coming loose during the felting process.
Place the balls into an old pillow case or pantyhose. If using the latter, tie a knot between each one so they have their own separate compartments. Toss the wool dryer balls in the washing machine and run through a hot cycle two or three times, preferably with a load of towels or washing. Then, place them in the dryer with the other laundry and let them dry before removing from the pillow case or pantyhose and you should have ready made felted balls. These should be fuzzy and solid (with no unraveling). Add the dryer balls to the dryer when you put in your wet clothes. For a delicious scent, put a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto the balls before you put them into the dryer. When not in use, store the wool dryer balls in a bowl.

Changing to more natural products for the rest of your laundry

Apart from polluting waste water, chemicals in laundry products leave a residue on clothing and linen which can cause skin rashes (often severe in those with eczema or psoriasis) and allergies. Look for eco-friendly brands. You can add a dash of vinegar to the rinse cycle instead of softener. If you need some extra fragrance, you can achieve this by using a drop or two of essential oil on a cloth (such as lemon or lavender) and popping into the drum. For the most natural laundry result of all, use soap nuts - and line dry in the fresh air! Enjoy your natural chemical-free laundry experience!