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Mulberries & Their Multiple Health Benefits

Mulberry isolate on white backgroundIt would seem that "silkworms" have had the right idea on healthy eating for many centuries. They have been living on mulberry leaves but as well as the leaves, it is the fruit of the mulberry tree that has so many health benefits to offer humans. This fruit is enjoyed by people all over the world. Mulberries grow on the Morus Alba tree and are a naturally sweet fruit, similar to blackberries, with a taste like grapefruit. Although, they are generally cultivated in warm regions of Asia, Africa and America, they can be successful in cooler areas too. The different varieties of mulberries can include red, black, white and blue versions of the health fruit.

Top ten reasons for including mulberries in your diet

1. High in antioxidants including resveratrol, a potent phytonutrient that researchers believe will help prevent cancer. This high level of anti-oxidants stunts the growth of prostrate cells and tumor growth. Instead of that glass of red wine, you can have a bowl of mulberries. 2. Research studies have concluded that mulberries offer significant neuroprotective benefits – so of particular interest for those with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's or as a preventative. 3. Mulberries contain compounds that support balanced sugar and control blood sugar in diabetic patients, making it highly effective to prevent complication in diabetic patients caused by any sugar level spike. 4. Mulberries when dried are a great source of protein, vitamins C and K, fiber, and iron and easily available from health stores as snack. 5. Mulberry is also rich in polynutrients like anthocyanin, flavonoids, lutein, zea-xanthin, B carotene and A carotene. The rich anthocyanin in particular has curative properties for certain diseases including gastritis problems and chronic hepatitis. It can be used as a natural and safe food coloring. 6. With their high level of vitamin C and flavonoids, mulberries naturally boost the immune system to prevent flu, coughs and colds. 7. Mulberries will improve blood circulation and act as an anti-inflammatory to lower the blood pressure and reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes. 8. Turn the mulberries into juice as a healthy treat for hospital patients (including recovery after giving birth or surgery) to accelerate healing, improve blood circulation and prevent the onset of infection. The juice will also enhance the appetite. 9. Need more fiber in your diet? Mulberries provide an impressive 20 percent of your daily requirement in only 1/3 of a cup. 10. Mulberry juice will also improve vision because of its high content of Vitamin A to strengthen eye sight and relieve eye strain – ideal for those who spend hours in front of the computer screen. The juice will also protect eyes from free radicals – the cause of eye sight loss and retina degeneration. But it is not only health benefits from mulberries...

Your skin and hair will improve too

Some of the benefits for your skin include anti-aging, clearing dark spots and blemishes, and general rejuvenation through the process of melanin synthesis effected when you eat the fruit or drink mulberry juice. Mulberries also have properties to make your hair healthy while promoting hair growth. Cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy find their hair follicles are rejuvenated by consuming the fruit or by applying the juice onto their hair.

Your own supply of mulberries

Fresh mulberries are available late spring to early summer. When harvesting or buying, make sure the berries are plump with a rich color and put in shallow baskets so the ones at the bottom stay safe from crushing. Store in your refrigerator for up to 3 days or your freezer for 3 months. Health experts recommend drinking a daily glass of fresh mulberry juice for optimum health benefits, to detoxify your body and to improve your hair and skin. People are quick to call such a fruit a superfood, but they could be right.