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Natural Tips to Treat Those Rosacea Outbreaks


Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that is surprisingly common.  Some 16 million Americans suffer from it - but perhaps it does not get as much publicity as some of the other serious skin conditions.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways in which to to treat the condition as well as helping to prevent it from flaring up in the first place.

The symptoms of rosacea are persistent flushing, acne type rashes and swollen blood vessels.  Although rosacea is well known for the symptoms of facial redness and flushing, other symptoms can include an oily skin and itching.

Why does roseacea flare up?

The presence of heat (changes in temperature), too much sun exposure, stress and anxiety, using commercial skin products, hormones, genetics, as well as exercise, medications and diet with alcohol and spicy foods being especially troublesome. 

Here's how to keep your skin calm, cool and collected naturally!

  • Skin care products can come with a cocktail of chemicals and other ingredients (such as alcohol or fragrance) and be the cause of rosacea flare-ups.  Making the switch to a natural skincare range will make all the difference, helping to nourish and support a healthier complexion.  Our Simply Beauty Range includes Simply Face Oil for moisturizing, Simply Cleansing Oil for keeping the skin clean and Simply Vitamin Skin Oil for a deep nourishing moisture treatment as you sleep! 
  • Too much sun exposure is a common trigger for rosacea.  Protect your skin and especially the face by covering up, wearing a wide brimmed hat and staying out of the sun as necessary. Rosacea is never happy with too much heat so try to keep cool when the weather is warmer.  If you have to be out in the sun, a mineral based natural sunscreen is recommended.  This is because the minerals will sit on top of the skin and block the rays while chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin and can irritate rosacea-prone skin.
  • Stress and anxiety can cause rosacea to worsen.   Control stress by avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, manage your time more effectively or simply try to get more sleep each night.  Skin sensitivities and good sleep are deeply connected.  Daily meditation is another suggestion.  Getting to the bottom of what is causing the stress in the first place is an obvious solution and making a plan to lessen it if at all possible.  Anything you can do to reduce stress and make you feel happier will benefit your skin too.
  • Watching your diet is important too.  Spicy foods, dairy products and alcohol can all add to the problem of rosacea flareups while processed foods and those high in sugar contribute to inflammation. Limiting caffeine can also help clear rosacea.  Include raw organic vegetables and fruits in your diet, seeking out avocado and coconut (both high in essential fatty acids) to provide nutritive support.
  • Be careful when showering or bathing not to have the water too hot.  For example, when washing your hair in the shower, turn your face away from the shower stream so that only your hair receives that warm or hot blast of water.  You can wash your face in cooler water later.



You can treat the symptoms for all types of rosacea naturally and gently with our H-Rosacea Formula:

  • Pre-rosacea: Frequent flushing and skin sensitivity.
  • Vascular rosacea: Small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks swell and become visible.
  • Inflammatory rosacea: Small red bumps appear and become painful.