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Night Face Care Tips - NIGHT OIL for Your Face

face care tips for night time

Getting into good bedtime habits

We all have bedtime rituals that we like to follow but perhaps one of the most important is getting into the habit of giving your face a night time hydrating remedy – one that is natural, one that is nourishing and one that will work hard for you while you sleep.

Many decades ago, women of all ages used to think that they were doing their faces a big favor when they slathered them with a commercial “cold cream” at bedtime.  

It was thick, it was cooling and it was made with an emulsion of water and fats (usually including petrolatum or mineral oil, beeswax and various scent agents) and was designed (a) to remove makeup and (b) to smooth the skin.  However, cold cream was and is far from natural and any petroleum derivative will actually dry out the skin – the very opposite of what is required. 

Variations of the cold cream had been used for nearly 2000 years.

But today, you can improve on the old and bring in the new!


Night Time skin care routine

How to really nourish your skin while you sleep! 

Our Simply Face Night Oil is the perfect modern hydrating oil to balance and nourish the skin.  And yet, it is made from a blend of pure natural essential oils and cold pressed or expeller pressed precious oils - nothing else but love.

When you are ready for bed and have thoroughly cleansed your face of all makeup, impurities and grime, apply a few drops of Face Night Oil and pat gently into the skin so that the pure natural ingredients can work for your while you sleep.

What could be more nourishing than a blend of vitamins, minerals and powerful anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and omegas to relieve, protect and replenish any areas of parched skin - with carminative and strengthening properties.

Look at this list of natural ingredients: apricot kernel oil (so readily absorbed into the skin whatever type); jojoba seed oil (closely resembling our own skin sebum); grape seed oil (rich in linoleic acid); meadowfoam seed oil (for detoxing your skin); pomegranate seed oil (renowned for its remarkable nutritional benefits for the skin); camellia seed oil (valued for nourishing properties and to help brighten your complexion); ylang ylang essential oil (for balance and for use on acne-prone skin); and finally, helichrysum essential oil (to soothe, restore and reduce any blemishes and wrinkles).  

Rich rewards in place of cold cream!