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Plant-Based Treatment for Migraines

 width= We hear much these days about the benefits of changing to a plant-based diet for a healthy eating habit. But of course plants have many other uses as well. And one of these uses is as a treatment - and even a prevention - for those throbbing, debilitating migraines. Research has shown several plants to be highly effective in relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches. Migraines are known for their symptoms, which are often severe and sometimes disabling. These migraine headaches can come with tingling, flashing lights, or weird sounds. They can make you throw up or hide away in a dark room for days. Knowing the symptoms can help you understand when a headache is about to happen. Back to those plant-based treatments...

Black Cardamom

Cardamom contains chemicals that reduce swelling. When a migraine strikes, the brain is triggered to release chemicals that irritate and cause blood vessels on the surface of the brain to swell. Black cardamom is a natural remedy for headache and stress. In fact, a gentle massage of scalp and head with its oil diluted in a carrier oil, can give instant relief from all sorts of stress, fatigue and headache problems.


This plant has been used to treat nausea for centuries. Many people (who suffer from migraine attacks) experience nausea and even vomiting. The good news is that ginger helps to relieve both these symptoms. In addition it will help with vertigo and dizziness. Ginger contains more than two hundred substances in its oils with anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and antihistamine properties, making it helpful for migraines. Fresh ginger root can be found at most grocery stores.

Sweet Fennel

According to research, sweet fennel has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve function. One of the best home remedies for migraines is fennel seed - and below we share a recipe for a fennel tea: You will need:
  • Half teaspoon of fennel seeds
  • A few lavender flowers and/or chamomile flowers
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Milk or raw honey (optional) to taste
  • Add all the ingredients to a cup of boiling water, allowing them to steep for about ten minutes
  • Add milk or honey if required
  • Drink this tea at the first sign of a migraine


People who suffer from migraine headaches will often be comforted by the soothing smell of lavender. Migraine headaches appear to be triggered by anxiety, fluctuations in estrogen in women, hormonal medication to control estrogen, hormone replacement therapy, lack of sleep, exposure to light and stress. Studies have found that the aroma of lavender assists with relaxation. Use two to three drops of lavender oil in a diffuser or add to bath water.  width=   Of course, our own H-Headaches Formula is a plant-based natural formula for headaches and migraine symptoms. The botanicals in the Formula provide a natural analgesic effect while the homeopathics work systemically to relieve symptoms such as throbbing head and pain over the eyes. Tension headaches are often accompanied by throbbing and constriction around the forehead. This product is highly effective in targeting these headache symptoms and providing fast relief.    width=