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Reduce the Appearance of Scars

H-Scars Formula

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed.

Scars are of course a natural part of the healing process and the good news is that most scars will fade.  However, they will never disappear completely.

What are the different types of scars?

A scar can be a fine line, a pitted hole on the skin or an abnormal overgrowth of tissue.

1.  A normal fine-line scar

This is usually from a minor wound such as a cut, leaving a raised line, which will gradually fade and flatten over time.  But it can take up to two years and the scar will not disappear completely.  You will be left with a visible mark or line.

As well as resulting from a cut, fine-line scars can also occur following a wound or after surgery.  Such scars are not usually painful but they can cause itchiness for some months.



2.  Keloid scars

A keloid scar is an overgrowth of tissue that happens when too much collagen is produced at the site of a wound.

The scar keeps growing, even after the wound has healed.

Keloid scars are raised above the skin and can be pink, red, the same colour or darker than surrounding skin. They're often itchy or painful, and can restrict movement if they're tight and near a joint.

3.  Hypertrophic scars

Like keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are the result of excess collagen being produced at the site of a wound.

Unlike keloid scars, hypertrophic scars do not extend beyond the boundary of the original wound. They may continue to thicken for up to 6 months before gradually improving over a few years.

4.  Pitted or sunken scars

Some scars are caused by skin conditions, such as acne and even chickenpox - with a sunken or pitted appearance.

Pitted scars, also known as atrophic or "ice-pick" scars, can also develop as a result of an injury that leads to a loss of underlying fat.

5.  Scar contractures

Scar contractures are often caused by burns when the skin "shrinks", leading to tightness and a restriction in movement.

H-Scars Formula

How can we tackle the appearance of scars

Complete scar removal is not possible, but most scars will gradually fade over time.

The following suggestions may improve a scar's appearance and help make it less visible.

If scarring is unsightly, uncomfortable or restrictive, options include:

  • topical silicone gel or silicone gel sheets
  • pressure dressings
  • steroids
  • skin camouflage (make-up)
  • surgery

A combination of treatments can often be used.

H-Scars Formula is all natural

H-Scars Formula

H-Scars Formula is safe and effective in reducing the following scars: 

  • Hypertrophic Scars - from surgical procedures
  • Keloids - from burns, injuries or skin conditions
  • Facial Scars - safe and gentle on facial skin
  • Acne Scars - treatment for cystic acne, acne vulgaris and acne rosacea
Using established homeopathic ingredients, it is applied topically directly to the scar, helping to repair and restore your skin. The Formula also contains pure essential oils and is all natural and safe to use.



H-Scars Formula


Sadly, scarring can have emotional effects

Some scars can affect people both physically and psychologically and if it is on the face, can be very distressing.  Some might even avoid going out and about and meeting people if they are worried about their appearance, leading to becoming socially isolated and even depressed.  Seek help if this is you.


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