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Roundup Top 5 Natural Living Guides | Amoils.com

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic fo... If you are trying to live a natural healthy lifestyle or are new to this whole concept, you might be interested in finding out more, and one of the best ways is through one of the many sites on the internet. Here are my suggested Top 5 Natural Living Guides which might well be new to you. 1. Preventdisease.com was started in 1999 to bring their readers the most accurate and current health information for both education and awareness. They are the first to agree that the pursuit of health freedom through truthful reporting is a constant, evolving journey. I enjoy their articles and often share them. Their link is here and with a fan base of over fourteen thousand on facebook, they are reaching a large audience and spreading their message. You might find the easiest way to reach them is through facebook but otherwise, their website. They point out that preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs - while preventable illness accounts for eight out of the nine leading categories of death. Understandably, they ask “What are we doing about it?” 2. Revitalizeyourhealth.com is a smaller but growing natural health and beauty site that is keen to reveal how to be happy, healthy and beautiful using the miracle of nature's wonders. The emphasis is definitely on definitely on all things natural including healing herbs, essential oils and much more for all aspects of improving your health. I have posted a guest article on this site. Daisy is the person behind the site and what an appropriate name she has for a natural living guide! May she and her site go from strength to strength. 3. In its hard copy format, The Herb Companion is a bimonthly, national lifestyle magazine that features the three essential ways you can use herbs in your day-to-day life: to grow, cook and of course heal but it also has its own page on Facebook and a regular newsletter that you can subscribe to at no cost and receive in your email inbox. Again, I have posted a guest article on this site. The Herb Companion features herbal histories, homemade body care and more to help you in your quest for a more natural lifestyle. Each week, they will send you the latest news and information for all things herbal so that you can upgrade your life's basics (from food to health) with the natural aromas, flavors and healing qualities of herbs. 4. Earth Clinic is currently ranked among the Top 3 Alternative Health Sites on the Internet according to Alexa and popular for its unbiased reviews of natural remedies, holistic cures and alternative medicine. You can find it here. Earth Clinic readers are encouraged to test and develop natural remedies from all over the world. The site has been on the go since 1999, sharing dozens of different restorative remedies for over 350 different diseases and conditions! 5. Local Harvest.org helps you to find the best organic food and where it is grown and distributed closest to you. You can use this website to find farmers' markets, family farms and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats and all those other goodies that you have read about but do not know where to buy. Founded in 1999, this site is America's leading organic and local food resource, giving you a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of local food sources while of course helping those same sources to develop their markets and their customers. In addition, they have a calendar where you can find festivals, tours and other types of food and farming related events in your area. And you know what is so engaging to me about these 5 natural living guides? They all look so attractive and appealing. Compare them to images of bottles of pills? There is just no contest!