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Our Seven Suggestions For A Zero-Waste Lifestyle


And they all begin with R...


Are you in the habit of saying "Ooh yes please - and thank you" every time you are offered a free gift or sample? Nine times out of ten, these get stashed away and are never used. Learn to say "No thank you"!


Don't be tempted too easily to buy items that you see in the shops and online. We all have too much "stuff". Avoid adding to it! And keep up the habit of reducing by constantly clearing out, sorting into different boxes labelled "Donate", "Recycle" and "Sell".


Think about creative ways to reuse items you might usually recycle or throw away. For example, glass jars to store small items in the garage or pantry cupboard, toilet roll inners for growing seedlings or they can be added (along with other thin cardboard waste) for making compost.


There are loads of tutorials and ideas online on how to re-purpose what you already own whether it is clothing, items for the home or even for the garden. Before you replace, consider how you can re-purpose!


With built in obsolescence, we are quick to throw away anything that is no longer perfect - and then pay out to replace. Instead, think how you can learn to repair items in the same way that was done in the past. You can usually find a You Tube tutorial on how to carry out repairs for most things.


Don't be put off by the word "rot". A better word is compost. Anything organic that makes an appearance in our daily lives can be composted or rotted down. In our allotment, we make lots of organic compost every year which is spread on top of the vegetable and other beds at the beginning of winter for the worms, and even the occasional frost, to do their work of breaking down the compost.

All grass clippings, pieces of cardboard and paper, vegetable peelings, egg shells and waste plant material are added in layers to the compost bin for it to rot down over the summer months, giving you your own organic and natural fertilizer. You can also use a wormery. Find out more about how the worms do all the work for you and at a fast pace.


Most of us have by now got into the habit of recycling but it should still be the last resort when all other options have been exhausted.  



Consider remembering those 7 "Rs" as an important part of reorganizing your life!