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Simple Ways to Use Herbs for your Wellbeing



So many people during the past year have taken to gardening - and herbs are an easy way to grow plants whatever size garden you have and even if you have no garden at all.  They can be perfect for a balcony or a sunny windowsill in your home.

Herbs will fill your space with fragrance and color - and something to use in your cooking   Herbs can go a long way to improving your wellbeing.

We are going to share several of these ways. 

How to create a soothing bath soak

If you love to have a warm bath to relax in, then you are going to really enjoy a bathtime infused with the aroma of home grown herbs.  Just steep camomile,  lavender or rosemary (wrapped in muslin cloth tied with string or ribbon) in a cup of hot water for fifteen minutes.  Another suggestion is lemon balm. Then add to your bath - and enjoy.   



Drinking herbal teas

It is easy to make tea with fresh or even dried herbs.  Simply pour boiling water over your herb of choice, one to two teaspoons of dried herbs or two to four teaspoons fresh herbs in a teapot or mug.  Cover the liquid and steep for five to ten minutes. Strain and drink or you can even keep for up to twenty four hours in the refrigerator.  One herb to use is lemon balm which is known with its antiviral properties to lift the spirits. 

Chamomile for a tea

This can provide a delicious tea while working on the digestive system which in turn connects with the nervous system and has a calming effect.



Peppermint has lots of uses

When you make a peppermint tea, it will soothe indigestion with its mild stimulating and cooling properties.  A cup of this tea will also help with stomach aches or flatulence.  And it is not just about drinking peppermint.  You can use the same liquid as a cooling body spray or a refreshing foot soak for those hot and sweaty days or after a strenuous workout.  With its antiseptic properties, peppermint can also act as a muscle relaxant when applied to the skin. 

Yarrow leaves as a first aid remedy

The long green leaves of yarrow (Achillea millefolium) have a history of being used in first aid.  They can be applied directly to minor cuts to stop bleeding.  They can also be used as an ingredient for treating the common cold by making a tea with equal parts yarrow, elderflower, peppermint and the addition of some raw honey.  A word of warning that yarrow should not be drunk during pregnancy.



How to use the ever popular lavender

There is an endless list of where you can use lavender to boost your well being.

  • Slip a few sprigs of lavender into your pocket or bag at the start of your working day to calm your nerves and to boost a good mood.
  • Lavender provided an invaluable tool during World War 2 for disinfecting floors and walls in hospitals.
  • Add some lavender to your bath to help you relax or pop under your pillow at bedtime to avoid insomnia.
  • Use a few drops of our lavender oil in a small bowl in the bathroom for a lovely natural and fresh aroma that lingers for hours or even days.




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