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Skin Tag Removal Hits The High Note!

hand holding an empty tagSkin tag removal has joined the A-listers with an article called “How to Remove Skin Tags at Home in a Safe Way” appearing in Los Angeles Fashion, The Publishers of The LA Fashion Magazine and LA Fashion Weekly, just a few days ago. The article tells us correctly that skin tags can be defined as benign or non-cancerous skin growths. And that point is very important to know - for your own peace of mind.

What else does the Los Angeles Fashion Publishing Company tell us?

"They can appear anywhere on the body such as the chest, eyelids, armpits etc. It is better to consider skin tag removal if they occur in areas where they are constantly rubbing against clothing as, left in place, they will cause you more pain and discomfort.

If you are considering skin tag removal at home, then you need to exercise caution and keep in mind all the essential factors pertaining to it."

We agree with Los Angeles Fashion that skin tags can be unattractive and a nuisance and that there several different options for the removal of skin tags...

In true Hollywood fashion, you can opt for a surgical solution

Professional dermatologists can use surgical treatment for skin tags. The method can be successful but it can also be an expensive affair. After a local anesthetic, the doctor will cut away the skin tag before stitching up the wound. Pain and the chance of scarring can be the result of such a procedure. Your dermatologist may instead suggest treating your skin tags either by freezing them with liquid nitrogen or burning them with a cauterization tool. Unfortunately, these methods will also come at a price and there is a risk of skin discoloration.

Or how about some DIY?

For a successful home DIY removal, you will need to starve the skin tag of its blood supply by taking a piece of dental floss and tying it around the base of the tag and leaving it for a few days. We do not recommend this method. There is a second DIY method and that is with the use of duct tape, to seal the skin tag tightly so that no air or light can get to it. After a few days, you may find you have successfully suffocated your skin tag enough so that it falls off. There is a downside to this method. The ugly looking duct tape can cause irritation to those with a skin sensitivity.

So how can you ensure a safe, successful and cost effective method of removal?

You can choose our own best selling product H-Skin Tags Formula which is a natural, topical skin tag remover containing carefully selected homeopathic ingredients. The formula is rapidly absorbed into the skin tags where it works to gently flake them away. You can of course carry out this treatment in the comfort of your own home. Just one suggestion - and that is to refrain from picking or filing the tags, giving the formula the time to do its work. The tags may change in color, size and/or appearance before they begin to flake away. skintags1