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Skin Tags But The More Embarrassing Ones | Amoils.com

 width=I have recently written about those every day skin tags that hang off various parts of the body and which are more of a nuisance than a concern. However, there is a slight variation on the normal skin tags which I am going to tell you about this time. These are skin tags that appear on the genitalia.

They include anal skin tags, groin skin tags and vaginal skin tags

Anal skin tags in particular can differ from normal skin tags as they are often the result of another condition called an anal fissure, which is a small tear in the anus caused by a hard stool. During the healing process of this tear, the anal skin becomes uneven and the result can be an anal skin tag. They can also develop following hemorrhoids as the tissue-swelling (associated with the hemorrhoids) may extend to the anal skin. One of the differences between anal and other skin tags is that they can be itchy or painful. They can also cause hygiene problems because fecal debris may become trapped beneath an anal skin tag. If there are many anal skin tags, the problem multiplies and could lead to infection.

Different treatments available for anal skin tag removal

  • Cryotherapy which is when your doctor freezes off the skin tag using liquid nitrogen.
  • Surgical excision where an anal skin tag is cut off under surgical conditions with a local anesthetic to dull the pain.
  • Electrocautery which is a suitable treatment for large skin tags where the tag is cut off and the skin electrically cauterized to close the wound.
  • Laser treatment which can be used on anal skin tags rather successfully and the whole anal area is re-surfaced at the same time which is a bonus.

Any surgery in the anal area, however small, may cause some post-operative pain

Anal and other skin tags can be successfully treated with essential oils - painlessly. Healing Natural Oils provides just such a safe, gentle and successful treatment. It is not recommended that you use any over-the-counter products for the removal of anal skin tags, as well as other skin tags in the groin area, as these are too harsh for the sensitive genital area.

Why these types of skin tags can be embarrassing

Although groin and vaginal skin tags are harmless and benign, many people become upset at their appearance and worry about them being something more sinister. Understandably, they are also often concerned and even embarrassed about what their partner will think. In addition, because the genital area is moist and the skin often sensitive and tender, such skin tags can be easily irritated, chaffed, infected or injured by rubbing against underwear or from friction during sport, exercise or sexual activities. Skin tags have their own blood supply so will bleed if injured. Skin tags in the vaginal area are more vulnerable during menstruation because they start to swell during this time before returning to their normal size at the end of a woman’s period.

It is easy to remove skin tags

Where there are anal skin tags or skin tags in the groin area (including the vagina) and particularly on the penis itself, it is a good idea to have them removed - both for reasons of comfort and to avoid any anxiety for your sexual partner. The easiest time to treat them is when they are small. The important thing is to choose as safe and painless a method of removing your skin tags as possible - whatever size they are and wherever they occur.   skintags1