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Some Thoughts On Forced Vaccinations

Close-up shot of pediatrician giving a three month baby girl intramuscular injection in arm For many months now, and especially following the much publicized “Disneyland measles outbreak”, there have been endless articles and discussions on the pros and cons of vaccines. It has got to the point where the backlash against those who want the choice of whether or not they inject their children with vaccines has become really vicious. There have been calls for mandatory vaccination without the option of an exemption (medical, religious or otherwise) and some USA states have already started the legislation process to this end. I have written on the subject of vaccinations in children and flu vaccines in the past.

Questions to ponder

Whether you're pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine or just want to ensure that your child does not have to undergo every single shot currently available, you need to ask yourself some questions:
  • Do you want to live in a world when you can no longer freely refuse a medical procedure that carries risk of injury or death – however small?
  • Today's USA vaccine schedule includes 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6. As if that is not already a huge load, there are more than 220 new vaccines in the developmental stage for children and adults. When would you stop to think that too many is actually too many? Would you really be happy continuing a vaccine schedule that could continue growing indefinitely? When would you say "Enough is enough"?
  • While the children are the greatest concern, there is as yet an untapped market in adult vaccines. Would you be happy to go along with whatever vaccine was legislated for you to receive - without question? Instead of building your own strong immune system, our lives would revolve around the possibility (however remote) that you might pick up something. The medical authorities would just go ahead and vaccinate everyone “just in case” this or that could happen.
  • At present, the US law grants vaccine manufacturers total immunity from vaccine injury lawsuits, meaning a parent cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer if their child is injured or killed by a vaccine. Are you happy that such immunity exists for the manufacturer?

Thoughts of a friend

A friend of mine has pointed out that we should not underestimate the power of utilizing the "ratting on one's neighbors" technique in enforcement of mandatory vaccines. She says: "This has been found to be very effective in the past, and should lead each one of us to be very discreet as to who might be amenable to hearing factual information, and who might turn out to be a source of betrayal in the future." She concludes that this "vaccinations for everybody, no exceptions" movement is well formed and complete. It is moving very fast as it has been well thought out down to the last detail. She feels it has been lying in some filing cabinet, waiting for the opportunity to spring it on the population.

It is a worldwide trend

And it is not just the USA. Other countries are now following the same line of thinking.

The Vaccine Rules

Landee Crier is active in helping to stop forced vaccinations and the California Bill SB277. She has set out some of these “vaccine rules” as she understands them...

1. If I question the safety of vaccines, I am told I am not a doctor and I have no right. This is even though I am the parent and I am the one who cares about my child.

2. If a doctor questions the safety of vaccines, he or she is a “quack” and should be stripped of his or her medical license.

3. My child (who is not contagious and has no disease) cannot attend public school but other children who have HIV/AIDS, TB, Hep B and recently vaccinated children (who shed and spread disease) can attend school without question and are protected by the CA Constitution.

4. If I score 18% on a test, that is considered an epic failure but the flu shot, which is only 18% effective, is “recommended” for my health. (My own comment on #4 is that, in the USA winter 2014/15, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine was even lower at 10% while in the UK for the same period, it was an abysmal 3%.)

5. If my child dies or has a severe reaction following a vaccination, it is just a coincidence and I cannot spare my other children the potentially same outcome.

6. Vaccines do not cause autism, or any other auto-immune disease, even thought autism is listed on the vaccine package insert as a side effect.

7. Vaccines have nothing to do with high infant mortality rates even though other countries, who do not have as many vaccines, have lower infant deaths.

8. I must inject my child to protect another child who is supposed to be protected.


The debate will undoubtedly continue but the bottom line throughout this controversy is that it does not matter what your thoughts are on the question of vaccination... It actually comes down to a human rights issue - your rights and those of your child.