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Our Suggestions on How to Stay Safe


We are all concerned about the health and safety of our family and friends. We set out below our suggestions on how to stay safe.

Of course prevention is better than cure but there is still much we can all do.

  • Frequent washing of hands thoroughly with soap and water for twenty seconds is the most important habit you can get into - every time you come home, arrive at work or someone else's home etc. And avoid touching your face or your nose, rubbing your eyes and more.
  • If you are out and about with no access to facilities, then carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you to use as a stop gap. This must also be used with care in much the same way as washing your hands. This video shows you how. You can even make your own homemade sanitizer.
  • Clean hard surfaces, faucets, light switches and door handles regularly.
  • Take at least 1000 mgs of a good quality vitamin C daily. If you start to feel unwell, increase your intake by taking several doses of 1000 mgs spread throughout the day to bowel intolerance.
  • At the same time, it is important to ensure you are not vitamin D deficient. During the colder winter months, most of us need about 5000 IUs daily to ensure sufficient vitamin D levels.
  • Gargling with salt helps to act as a preventative, using a simple solution of natural salt in warm water.
  • Avoid having long, artificial or polished fingernails as these can trap germs. Nails should have little to no free edge - if you hold up your hands with your palms towards you and you see any free edge over your finger tips, they are too long.
  • And keep up with regular exercise. Walking is one of the easiest to fit in to your daily life - making sure to walk briskly for at least thirty minutes at a time.

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