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Ten Tips To Stop That Hungry Feeling | Amoils.com

  Isn't always the way that if you are trying to lose weight or just cut down on your food intake, you suffer from hunger pains.

But help is at hand...

Here are some ways to eat less but to still feel full and satisfied after your meal. 1. Smell your food and chew your food well because concentrating on both the smell and the taste of the food ensures you switch on signals to tell your brain when you have had sufficient. 2. Try to remember to drink one or two glasses of pure water before your meal so that you feel more full and your food feels more filling. 3. Eating an apple before each meal will also help to promote a good feeling of fullness so that you eat less at the meal itself. 4. Make it a habit to choose and eat foods that take extra time to actually eat so that you cannot gobble everything down in one go! This will also help your body to feel fuller sooner. 5. Change to a smaller plate for dishing up your meal. You will think you are getting as much food as usual but you will eat less. Fool the eye and fool the stomach! 6. Include super size helpings of fruits and vegetables and even whole grains as these contain lots of water and fiber helping to fill you up quickly. Make energy density work for you and keep you satisfied overall by eating food that is as natural as possible rather than manufactured and processed foods. 7. Include lean protein rich foods in your diet as they can be more filling. 8. Be snack smart as small healthy snacks in between meals mean you will eat less for your main meals and not feel so hungry all the time. A handful of nuts makes a great in between snack but put together a healthy selection that are low in calories so that they are always at hand when you need them. 9. Follow the golden rule to eat enough to make you 80% full by eating until you feel almost full. Then wait 20 minutes. Many people find that by the this time the food is partially digested and they feel satisfied even though they have eaten less than usual. 10. Get enough sleep because when your body is deprived of sleep it produces more of those hormones that are used to regulate the appetite. Above all, remember that foods laden with sugar and fat may taste good but they do little to fill you up and much towards making you crave for more of the same. They are addictive after all.