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The Illusion of the Quick Fix

blog image - pillsToday, my friend Katee has contributed a guest post. She wrote this when she saw a headline reading: New wave of 'super bugs' poses dire threat, says chief medical officer. We have featured her words before - she wrote for us here and, like Healing Natural Oils, she is a firm believer in the right to know what is in your food.

Some words from Katee

The problem is that we keep looking to medicine - and something "quick" - instead of understanding what is happening and allowing our bodies to fight. Fever is a particular case in point – we are constantly pushed to "keep the fever down!" when our bodies need it to fight an invader. Our bodies are telling us that they have a need for something but conventional medicine works to suppress the symptoms of a fight rather than recognize why our bodies are behaving as they are. The "fix it now" medical culture we have come to expect keeps trying to come up with new pharmaceutical meds without recognizing that our dependence on doctors, vaccines and medicines has been an epic failure overall. There is a TV program called "Once Upon A Time" on CBS right now. As the name implies, it is a weird fantasy mixture of a lot of fairy tales (and we find it great fun). But one thing they say over and over and over is: "All magic comes with a price." It is not EVER for free and often that price is exacted in ways that the person could not anticipate or desire.

Time we started to say "All medicine comes with a price."

Not just in a monetary cost, but the cost to the body can frequently be in ways the person cannot realize or want. Often, because the drug culture and doctors deny the side effects, that price is unrecognized, unidentified, and so the person lives in the dark (sometimes indefinitely) as to the reason why they are struggling as they are.

The domino effect

Each dose of something can have a domino effect in the future as more drugs are given to try to counter the effects (or after-effects) of what was taken before. I believe that every time someone is prescribed something, they need to be aware that "all medicine comes with a price" and decide if an unknown cost is worth it, or if it is better to encourage our bodies to learn to fight on their own. I have enjoyed two different blog posts on this theme The Healthy Home Economist and Kitchen Stewardship. The first one in particular is written by someone raised by an "old school" doctor and she finds that the less she depends on conventional medicine, the healthier her family is. Thank you, Katee! Learn how to choose a natural product for many different conditions (instead of a quick fix medicine that comes at a price) here.    width=