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The Scary Facts about Breast Cancer Causes | Amoils.com

 width= Let me tell you a story about a work colleague friend of mine. Bobbie, who is only in her twenties, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was given the diagnosis on her birthday – a great gift to receive

Acting on the advice of her doctors, she agreed to start cancer treatment straight away which meant leaving her job, her apartment, her friends and moving back to her parents in a large city where she could be treated. A huge change and challenge in just a couple of weeks. She decided to cut her long hair short straight away and made the decision to shave her head as soon as the “fall out” became excessive. Now when I heard this, I investigated breast cancer and found a whole list of things that cause cancer. I thought about my friend and the scary thing was that her lifestyle ticked off so many of the boxes.

Natural News.com tell us there are 18 things that cause cancer

• Smoking cigarettes • Mammography radiation • Chemotherapy and radiation • Perfumes and fragrance products • Cosmetics and personal care products • Drinking or eating non-organic milk products • Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids • Home cleaning products • Plastic food containers • Sodium nitrite • Pesticides, PCBs, chlorine and other chemicals • Acrylamides • Lack of exercise/watching television • Severe emotional distress or relationship stress • Refined sugars and grains • Dry cleaning chemicals • Hair color chemicals • Nail polish remover Although it is not listed, I have read from different sources about how important vitamin D (and that includes sunshine) is in preventing breast cancer. Bobbie was a long time smoker, she had regular mammograms, she wore perfumes, fragrance products and cosmetics, she had very little exercise, she was under severe emotional distress (so much so that she had been on prescribed tranquilizers since her teens), she had been dyeing her hair for several years and she always avoided the sun. These are the factors that I know about. Some of the other causes could well be appropriate too.

Bobbie’s treatment is continuing

Everyone is hoping for a successful outcome and we keep in touch with her progress via her blog. Today she writes: “The only constant is that there is no constant. I cannot look forward to my next: smoke/ drink/ party/ good hair day/ seeing the love of my life/ “I look good today” day/ or outing. I sleep when I should be awake and I am awake when I should be asleep. When I sleep I have nightmares every single time. Not so strong after all. Yes I am having a really hard time. I am failing.” It really makes you think when you come across something like this. We all know (even if we ignore it) that smoking is bad for us but isn't it time we were educated with extensive media coverage about all those other dangers to our health? Post script - Bobbie died in October 2010 and is sadly missed.