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These Boots Are Made For Walking | Amoils.com

Walking essentials stock I know I have written before of the advantages of walking barefoot whenever you can. But it is not always practical to be barefoot and if you started going to work barefoot or to certain public places, you would almost certainly be considered a bit weird. For the most part, there is a time when you can go barefoot and a time when you need shoes.

You need the right footwear if you want to have healthy feet

Many women just love high heels and of course they can look and feel very glamorous but you don’t need to wear them for long periods of time. If you are working away behind your desk, you can slip them off and put on some flats or go barefoot. It does not take more than a couple of seconds to put them on again for that trip from your desk. If you try to squeeze your feet into tiny, pointy shoes with a 3 inch heel or higher and with thin soles, your feet can become deformed over a long period of time. High heels can also throw the body out of its natural alignment which sometimes puts a strain on the lower back and shortens calf muscles. Some more bad news is that high heeled shoes can cause the foot to slide forward, cramping the toes. This can lead to hammer toes, thickened toenails, stress fractures, Morton’s neuroma, calluses, sprains, bunions and joint pain.

It is not surprising that women tend to suffer from more foot-related problems than men

Remember that film "Working Girl" with Melanie Griffith, set in New York, where she caught the ferry and then walked to work in her trainers but changed into her smart heels once she was in the office building – I always thought that was so sensible. Of course guys don’t have the same problem. They can look smart and feel comfortable at the same time.

But there are some strict rules about guys and shoes

  • A formal occasion that has black tie on the invitation will mean you need dress shoes such as a lace-up or slip-on but they must be an appropriate color and material such as a patent leather. The heel and sole on a dress shoe should not be bulky. Match your shoes to your belt and never wear shoes in a lighter color than your trousers.
  • For everyday office shoe, you can also use a lace up or slip-on but with a more flat or mat finish. Oxfords or loafers go well with chinos or even specially tailored jeans.
  • When you really want to be casual, then jeans and shorts go very well with sandals or sneakers and of course bare feet too! But sneakers should be classic rather than those high end athlete’s shoes. Simple slip-on moccasins can also look good.

Guys are very prone to athletes foot and their footwear plays an important role here

Athletes foot is a very common fungal infection that mainly affects the feet.
  • The condition just loves those dark and moist insides of your shoes. So to prevent this condition, wash your feet at least twice a day, particularly between the toes and then dry thoroughly.
  • Dust an antifungal powder on to your feet and into your shoes which should be leather or canvas.
  • If you are wearing closed shoes, put on cotton socks and change them frequently.
  • Wear your shoes in rotation and never put on damp shoes.
  • Go barefoot as much as you can but not in public places such as gyms or showers.
  • Use an H-Athletes Foot treatment for optimum success.

When to choose and buy new shoes

Both guys and girls should try on and buy shoes later in the day as this the time when your feet are a little swollen. Roomy footwear has a wide toe box with more space for your toes and the ball of your foot. You should be able to wriggle your toes in your shoes. Shoes with seams or that are not big enough can cause rubbing or irritation or blisters of the skin. Check your shoe size from time to time as feet do not remain the same throughout your life. I know that I have gone up a whole shoe size in the past 20 years. If your feet are healthy, your overall health will also improve.