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This Often Discarded By-Product from our Breakfast Food has Top Ten Healing Ways | Amoils.com

Walking on EggshellsI enjoy a lightly boiled free range egg just about every morning for my breakfast but never knew that lining the egg shell itself was a wonderful source of healing. It is the white skin or membrane that can be peeled off and used in so many different ways. There are anti-microbial and protein substances in the egg membrane lining that help the healing by both reducing the time it takes and minimizing any risk of scarring. The egg membrane lining is best used fresh and wet (as needed) by simply cracking an egg, putting the contents to one side so they are not wasted, and then helping yourself to the lining.

There are a couple of methods for saving the membrane for later use too

  • Put cracked shells in a sealed container in the refrigerator and use during the next 24 hours as needed or
  • Save egg shells, put in a bowl and cover with boiling water. When water has cooled, peel out the membrane and lay out on a board to dry overnight. Apparently, the dried membranes will keep indefinitely in a container and can be re-activated by soaking in a little water.

Why would anyone would go to all this trouble to save some discarded egg membrane?

There are a whole host of ways in which you can use eggshell membrane to heal and repair and here are the top ten: 1. That piece of skin next to your fingernails, often called a quick, which can become very painful if pulled at or torn? Use some fresh pieces of egg membrane and place them “wet side down” on to the affected area, leaving it there until it dries or eventually falls off. Although one application is often enough to heal the skin, you can always apply a second time the next day to finish off the job. 2. In the same way, you can use eggshell membrane on any cut or scratch to promote healing without scarring, remembering once again to put the wet side of the membrane on the small wound. 3. Worried about pimples or blackheads on the face - common symptoms of acne? Use the same method to clear up the pimples and draw out the blackheads. 4. Splinters or glass fragments can be very elusive when trying to remove. Using the eggshell membrane method will draw the splinter out, making it easier to finish off the job with tweezers. 5. Another use is to stop ingrown toenails in their tracks. 7. Suffering from a spider bite? The egg membrane will draw out any poison and help the bite to heal faster. This method can be tried on other types of bites or stings too. 8. Another use is to apply to areas affected by arthritis or fibromylagia. In fact this has now been developed commercially as natural eggshell membrane (known as NEM®) - a new osteoarthritis treatment that can effectively reduce pain and stiffness, according to new research published in the journal Clinical Rheumatology. Natural eggshell membrane supplements are made by harvesting the protein fibers attached to the inside of eggshells. 9. Athletes and dancers who are frequently plagued with blisters on the feet have found egg membrane to be a great treatment, especially when that painful stage is reached where the blisters burst and the skin rubs off. 10. The final suggestion is for treating painful boils. Place the fresh eggshell membrane on the boils, moist side down, before putting gauze over the top. Once again, egg shell membrane goes to work – this time drawing the core of the boil out with excellent results. So as you can see, actual eggshell membrane is a successful way to treat skin ailments but it has now gone on to be used as a safer anti-inflammatory supplement too. And the only side effects could be if you have an egg allergy. Sources: http://www.qualityhealth.com/arthritis-articles/natural-eggshell-membrane-arthritis-pain-reduction