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This Twenty Minute Relaxation Pose and its Many Health Benefits

We have an easy twenty minutes relaxation exercise to share with you.  So easy to do but so rich in health benefits!  Just find somewhere comfortable to lie down and raise your legs vertically - it can be against a wall, against a bedhead or perhaps the back of a sofa.  If you choose the floor, maybe put a slim cushion under your head for added comfort. 
Set a timer for twenty minutes and relax...

Top benefits to be gained while you just lie still!

  1. Improved circulation - the power of gravity will pump blood to your legs faster than normal, improving circulation and benefitting your entire body.  This action drains any excess fluid that may have accumulated in your legs.
  2. Improved digestion - when you raise those legs, you exercise the muscles responsible for digestion, helping to get a flatter belly and smoothing out your whole digestive process.
  3. Relaxed nervous system - while you relax, you will take in more air, helping your organic tissue to receive more oxygen and reducing any tension in your muscles.  More oxygen will also make its way up to the brain and all over the lung system for better breath, meaning a better respiratory system and increased lung capacity.
  4. Improved sleep patterns - less stress means better sleep.  Stress is one of the most important causes of insomnia.
  5. Foot pain relief - wearing high heels for any length of time can lead to aching and persistent leg and foot pain as a result of your weight not being evenly distributed.  Increased relaxation will benefit those feet that are often busy with activities all day long.
  6. Avoiding swollen ankles - this exercise can also help with a swollen ankle, managing blood flow.  When the swollen area is less apparent, the pain will be less around the ankle as joint inflammation is reduced.
  7. Healing tiredness and muscle relief - this is especially the case after physical activity and exercise.  Twenty minutes in this pose will leave the muscles in a healthier condition.
  8. Managing blood tension - the exercise will help to normalize the blood tension including achieving a normal level of hypertension.
  9. Improving general wellbeing - this exercise helps to avoid negativity while increasing positive feelings towards life in general.   

How to carry out this pose in the best way

There are several steps to follow if you want to perform the activity daily. The best times are in the morning or in the afternoon.  If you need some help, here are several steps to help you to perform the exercise in the best way.

  • Do some warming-up by stretching the legs and the hands.
  • Put your body on the floor carefully.  Ideally, choose to perform it next to the wall.
  • Slowly lift up the legs and put against the wall.
  • Keep this position for twenty minutes if possible.

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