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Top 10 Tips For Vacuuming Chores In Your Home

Vacuum cleaner. Close up of the head of a modern hoover being used while vacuuming a woollen furry carpet. After enjoying the festive season with a house full of visitors, plenty of food preparation and all that unwrapping of gifts, your home may be in need of a good cleaning session. A big part of any house cleaning is of course the vacuum cleaner. And that does not mean just cleaning the carpets - many will use a vacuum cleaner to clean hard surfaces too. But are you getting the best possible use out of this cleaning tool?

Our top 10 tips for vacuuming

1. Plan ahead by ensuring less dirt enters your home in the first place by laying door mats at entrances and introducing a no-shoe policy. 2. Before you start, add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the vacuum bag or, in the case of a Dyson, to the clear bin and, as you vacuum, you will make the home smell fresh and really nice. 3. When having a good clean, don’t forget to use the brush attachment on your vacuum – and start with it first to dust books, lampshades, mirrors and all small areas. The dust will go straight into the vacuum and not go floating around the room before re-settling back on those same surfaces. 4. You can use a cardboard tube as an extension, fitting it to the end of the vacuum and shaping it to fit any awkward spaces - and recycling when you have completed the task. 5. Another tip for difficult places to reach (especially under furniture) is to turn the attachment upside down when you fix it to the vacuum (so it faces upwards instead of downwards) so you can clean the undersides of sofas and beds and remove any fluff, spider webs and more. 6. When you decide to have a change in your surroundings and you move the furniture around, you may be left with unwanted dents in the carpet. Place ice cubes on the dents, let them melt, then vacuum the area and hey presto, the dents will have magically disappeared. 7. We have all experienced losing small but important items in the carpet – it could be a contact lens, a tiny screw or even a diamond. If you place an old pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and secure with a rubber band, you could strike lucky and find the missing item safe and sound. 8. Spot clean your carpet in between all-over shampooing sessions by sprinkling any small areas with bicarbonate soda. Allow the soda to sit for half an hour to do its work before vacuuming clean. 9. As part of looking after your vacuum cleaner, you need to keep the brush rollers free of hair, threads and other items that get tangled in them. A seam ripper is the ideal tool for this job. 10. Our vacuum cleaners work hard and many are neglected and abused. To get the optimum results, they really do need some TLC every few months or so. If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, this site will tell you how to deep clean your Dyson and the recommendation is a frequent every three months. If you have another make of cleaner, this site will help you to keep it working at its best. For many decades, the Hoover brand was THE name in vacuum cleaners and the term "hoovering the house" became the way many people described the task of using their vacuum. But with all those new and more recent brands on the market, Hoover no longer holds the ranking it once did. Somehow, "dysoning" your carpets does not have quite the same ring.