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Top Resolutions for Improved Health Now & the Rest of the Year



Sometimes we need a bit of a push to get us going, to get us into a healthier way of living and to take responsibility for reaching that goal. And it does not have to be that difficult or time consuming. If you are free to sit on a sofa and watch TV for a couple of hours a day, then you have plenty of time to put these resolutions in place.


We list our top suggestions

And each of these come with a link to further information that you can click on and find out more.
  • Top of the list has to be improving your vitamin D levels. Plenty of sunlight on as much of your skin as possible during the two hours before or after noon for about 20 minutes at a time in the warmer sunny weather is key. A good supplement of Vitamin D3 will take care of the colder, winter months.
  • Having a good stretch when you first get up gets your circulation going and encourages flexibility.
  • Staying in control of your life helps you to feel younger while your mental health gets a boost. One solution is to wake up earlier so you are not rushing around using a lot of energy.
  • Making time for breakfast every morning will keep up your energy levels for the day ahead.
  • Watching your gut health as it is now well documented what a big role this plays in overall physical and mental health.
  • Making your brain work harder. Reading a good book still one of the best ways to boost the brain, keeping your mind active.
  • Watching what you eat. Suggestions include eating up to 10 helpings of fresh fruit and veggies and cutting back on meat which should be free range, grass fed as much as possible.
  • Moderating the caffeine. While used in moderation, caffeine can provide excellent cognitive benefits but too much could keep you up all night.
  • Stocking up on your supplements. As well as vitamin D, other vitamins and minerals are vitally important too.
  • Adding spices to your diet. Cayenne pepper, turmeric and cinnamon all have a place in your diet to promote better blood flow and increased mobility.
  • Boosting your bones. Especially as you grow older, bone health becomes even more important.
  • Starting moving more. A life on the couch will ensure you grow age more quickly and can even decrease your lifespan by as much as a decade. Inactivity has become a major public health issue.
  • Give yourself an adrenaline rush. This might be something you have never thought about but doing something that thrills you can instantly give you a jolt of energy and make you feel half your age!
  • Consuming good fats. These include olive oil, grass fed butter and coconut oil.
  • Eating fiber. This helps to maintain healthy digestion while keeping cholesterol levels healthy and avoid constipation and the hemorrhoids that can result.

  • Getting outdoors and taking a walk. As well as providing important exercise, just being outside in the natural world works wonders for our mental health.
  • Exercising regularly. We all need that minimum of thirty minutes walking every day and of course more if possible.
  • Singing and dancing or watching some comedy.
  • Relieving adrenal fatigue. More information about what this is and what you can do to help relieve it here.
  • Deep breathing for stress relief. Learning the art of deep breathing can be very useful on a number of different occasions and is known to be calming, to deepen respiratory patterns and to reduce your pulse rate by as much as 10 to 15.
  • Improving your posture. Poor posture has a lot to do with how we breathe as most tend to breathe from the chest instead of the stomach.
  • Cutting out the sugar and watching your salt intake. Sugar and other empty calories is linked to a higher risk of obesity, depression, type 2 diabetes and more - while too much salt can raise your blood pressure levels.
  • Cutting down on the devices and less of the selfies. The obsession with taking and posting selfies on social media is only now really being understood. While they can be lighthearted nonsense, there can also be a darker side when photos become a constant measure of self worth.
  • Taking up volunteering. Researchers have recently discovered that those over the age of forty years (who volunteer their services) can actually improve their mental well being by doing so.
  • Darken your screen and take regular breaks from your computer or workstation. Too much computer time can disrupt your sleep while sitting in front of a screen for most of the day is not good for your eyes. Make sure to get up and walk around from time to time.