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Top Ten Natural Travel Tips for The Festive Season | Amoils.com

 width=Many of us find we have to travel to visit friends and family at this time of the year but just because we might be far from home and our comfort zone, we don't have to compromise our “living naturally” habits built up all through the preceding months.

Here are are 10 tips to see you through your travels and back home again

1. You want to stay healthy so start boosting your immune system as soon as possible by topping up your vitamin levels with extra vitamin A, D3, C and some echinacea for extra immune support. 2. Take some tea tree oil as a handy traveling companion. 3. Oregano oil should be packed in your suitcase too for its strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Take 2 drops of high quality oregano oil in a small amount of water everyday to keep any stomach upsets at bay and should you get a sore throat, gargle with this oil/water mixture and swallow twice a day. 4. Pack some natural fragrance-free wet wipes for getting rid of any sticky situations. They can be used as a back up for toilet paper in an emergency too. 5. Be careful not to become dehydrated when you are out of your regular routine. Apart from thirst, signs of dehydration include flaky, itchy skin or stomach cramps. As well as drinking plenty of water, remember that fresh fruit is a great source of natural liquid while bananas are rich in potassium – a good way to help hydration. 6. When the festivities become too much of a good thing and the bags start to show under the eyes, let a couple of tea bags seep in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes before allowing to cool. Place one on each closed eye to constrict blood vessels and reduce any swelling while you lie back and relax. That old trick of a slice of cool cucumber to each eye will achieve the same result. 7. Access to the kitchen? Whip up an egg white or two and give yourself a quick face pack before an evening out. You will feel the skin tighten and any puffiness reduce. After a few minutes, remove with a clean wash cloth and some warm water. 8. A toothache has the nasty habit of suddenly appearing at the worst times such as when you are away from home or in the middle of a holiday weekend. There are several natural remedies to choose from to tide you over until you can get some dental attention. Place a hot teabag on the affected tooth for immediate relief, rub on some clove oil or juice some wheat grass to use for rinsing out the mouth several times. 9. Going on a long haul flight and worried about jet lag? Then take 3 mg melatonin on the plane at 10 pm (or bedtime) for your destination time so that you body is instructed to go to sleep. Once you have arrived, expose yourself to bright light (preferably sun light) in the daytime hours to shut down your own body’s production of melatonin. Take another 3 mg melatonin at bedtime once at your destination to reset your sleep clock and prevent jet lag. 10. Finally, try not to stress too much. It is supposed to be a time to relax, unwind and enjoy the break. Travel safely and keep it natural so that you can enjoy the holidays to the full.