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Top Ten Steps To Introducing Feng Shui To Your Home or Workplace

Spa still nature zen stones in sandEver wondered if you could improve the atmosphere and aura around your home, and even where you work? Feng Shui could be the answer for you. The Feng Shui of a house is determined by both interior and exterior factors – so much so that if the outside Feng Shui of a house is overpoweringly negative, there would be no point in working on the Feng Shui of the inside of the house before addressing any exterior problems. For example the painting of the exterior of your home. There should be no more than 3 different colors. You can find more help with exterior Feng Shui tips here.

So how do you go about making these steps?

Step one is to get rid of clutter

Although this is one of the easiest steps, you have to be ruthless in getting rid of everything that is surplus or that you dislike. It may be take considerable time and energy but it works as form of therapy so that you lighten your load and create harmonious house and workplace Feng Shui energy. Feng Shui considers a clean and clutter-free house to be a lucky house.

Step two goes hand in hand with eliminating the clutter

Clear out anything that is broken, that cannot be fixed or that is not worth fixing as well as those items that have not been used for over a year. Thinking that something may well come in useful one day is a sure way to just keep on hoarding.

Step three is to ensure good quality air

Open the windows often, introduce air-purifying plants or use an air-purifier.

Step four is to introduce plenty of natural light

Anything you can do to allow and even increase natural light into your home will lift the spirits. So often, people will clutter up windows and their natural light with unnecessary window treatments. Time to get rid of that overdecorated eighties look and give your windows back their freedom!

Step five is using the basics of 5 Feng Shui elements

This is to create balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your home. As a start, you can express these five elements using specific shapes. For example
  • WOOD: Rectangular
  • FIRE: Triangular
  • EARTH: Square
  • METAL: Round
  • WATER: Wavy
You can find out more about the 5 Feng Shui elements here

Step six is avoiding sharp angles

This is because these are carriers of negative energy. If you have sharp angles facing you like a laser, they unfortunately funnel negative energy towards you.

Step seven is good functioning drains

Drains that are not working properly become unclean. It is said that blocked and unclean drains means that any negative energy cannot be drained away.

Step eight is about working at your desk

It is good to face the door or at least have the door within your eye line. Your back to the door is a Feng Shui "no no". You will also need a strong wood element in your workplace – your desk for example - as wood feeds the fire in the productive cycle/relationship of the five Feng Shui elements mentioned earlier.

Step nine is the bedroom and your sleeping arrangements

Your bedroom should be 100% free of electrical and electronic items – remove those TVs, computers, cellphones and anything else. Apart from the Feng Shui aspect, insomnia is another result.

Our final step is bathrooms

Apparently, bathroom doors adjacent to the bedroom should be kept closed at night to separate the energies and functions of each space.

How long for Feng Shui to improve your surroundings?

The time it takes to introduce Feng Shui into your home, and even workplace, will depend on both the state of your home to begin with AND the state of your mind. In fact your home will always reflect the state of your mind. The minute you start to shift the energy flow in your home, you will begin to notice a difference. Only time will tell how big a shift you need to bring the results you are looking for.