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Top Tips for Using Mascara to Enhance your Eyes!



Adding mascara to the eyelashes is part of the daily beauty regime for many of us but there are some tips we can share if your eyelashes are not as thick and luxuriant as you might like...

Top tips for your eyelashes

  1. Avoid using waterproof mascara as it often means weaker lashes which can fall out or break when you attempt to remove that mascara at bedtime.  Instead, choose a water-resistant mascara.
  2. Avoid using eyelash extensions which are expensive and damaging.
  3. Never go to sleep without removing your makeup.
  4. Remember not to rub your eyes, it can lead to puffiness and even infection.
  5. As you grow older, look for a mascara that is specifically designed for the more mature woman with thinning eyelashes.

What happens to your eyelashes as you age?

Often the care needed for our eyelashes must be adjusted as we grow older.  We might start to notice that if we once had long eyelashes, they are not as long as they used to be, becoming sparser and loosing their length and volume.

The menopause can be partly responsible, often resulting in hormonal imbalances that thin our hair, our eyebrows - and yes, our lashes too. 

What are the requirements for the ideal mascara as we grow older?