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Ten Tips to Take The Crankiness Out Of Teething | Amoils.com

EMILY How ever many times it happens, moms never really get used to that troublesome teething time. So here are some safe and natural ways to help make those teething troubles go away. Of course natural teething remedies are becoming more popular as many parents want to avoid the use of any drugs or medicines for their children.

Many natural teething remedies have been around for thousands of years

1. Bread was used for centuries but more recently the bagel has come into its own. You can freeze the bagel and even when it defrosts, it is the right consistency and an easy shape for a young child to hold and try to bite into. 2. The old sugary teething biscuits have been replaced with modern sugar-free versions but be wary of artificial sweeteners being used instead. 3. Vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers are ideal for teething after cooling in the refrigerator first. Older babies will be able to hold them too. 4. Other cold remedies include the freezing of apple slices so that the cold and the enzymes relieve the teething pain. 5. Another cold method is to place frozen peas or organic corn into a damp baby sock, securely tie it and then hand to baby to chew on. 6. Yet another is to freeze a fully ripe banana, secure it in a small nut milk bag and voila! 7. I found a really old and cold method from many years back from a Grandma who used to put an ice cube into the center of a clean wash cloth, place a rubber band around it to keep the ice cube in place. The wash cloth then soaked up the water from the ice cube as it melted. 8. Hylands Teething Gel comes highly recommended by lots of moms as an all-natural teething gel with no benzocaine, no sugar, no artificial flavoring and no dyes or coloring agents. Here for more information on this 100% natural, effective treatment. 9. Another helpful hint for teething is to push down very hard to help cut the teeth and give instant relief. A very popular method is to order and use an amber teething necklace. They help teething babies to sleep through the night, stay happy and relaxed and they even stop the drooling! Here is the web site so you can check them out. 10. Homeopathic Chamomilla is the the remedy of choice for many moms to ease teething discomfort. It is very effective and safe. There is plenty to choose from this list so you find the perfect natural remedy for your teething baby or toddler to make him or her feel so much better again.