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What Makes Essential Oils So Special? | Amoils.com

  Dropper over essential oil bottle Essential oils have captured the imagination since the earliest times and have been used by perfumers, alchemists, physicians, chemists, priests, royalty and even gods! Their use can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt 3 000 BC. From Egypt, the practice moved to the Greeks, then the Romans and finally to a world wide appreciative following.

Most modern medicines are derived from herbs and essences

The medical profession realized the healing powers of herbs and plants many years ago and most of the prescribed medicines today have at least one component derived from herbs and essences. The problem is pharmaceutical companies extract what they consider to be the active ingredient from plants and herbs. They isolate this and then go and mix it with synthetic substances. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very powerful but unbalanced drug. And this is when you can get unwanted and even dangerous side effects. Clinical trials for drugs are carried out on a selected few and for a comparatively short time while healing plants and herbs have been tried and tested for hundreds of years. They are well known for their effectiveness in the treatment of many conditions. Many conditions can be treated successfully, gently and safely with formulas made from essential oils. Skin conditions include psoriasis, eczema and athletes foot while of the more troublesome conditions such as anal fissures are all treated easily with essential oils products.

Think about which treatment you would prefer – chemical or herbal?

Chemically reproduced healing properties have a very limited healing ability and fall short of the immense scope that natural plants and essences have. It is said that natural plants and essences have an intelligence that cannot be copied chemically. It is that very intelligence in a living essence that makes pure essential oils the healing wonder that it is.

But essential oils still remain mysterious

It is documented that “essential oils usually enter the body through the nose and the skin and leave the body in the same way as other things we excrete –through the skin, breath, feces and urine. Upon inhalation, tiny particles are taken to the roof of the nose and up behind the eyes. This is where the olfactory system is, and where we register emotions, sexual feelings, memory and learning.” Essential oils are complicated and volatile. It takes years of research to mix the correct formulations for different conditions. Many commercial producers think they can add a tiny amount of essential oils to their product and claim that it contains pure essential oils with healing properties. The cost of essential oils is high so a product that is genuine will not be cheap. Pure essential oils are unique in that they work on so many different levels - emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. There can be no doubt that essential oils are indeed special.