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Why Do Sporty Guys Get Tinea Infections?


Ladder workout


Two conditions – Jock Itch and Athletes Foot – are both tinea infections - tinea cures and tinea pedis.

These fungal conditions love warm moist areas so the groin is the perfect home for jock itch and a foot living in a shoe is ripe for athletes foot.

They both affect mainly guys and of course especially athletes because of all the sweating that goes on.

Not very appetizing is it?

So what can guys do about these two crosses they have to bear, especially if they love to play sport?

Well, to avoid the infections in the first place, you need to keep those potential areas dry and clean.

  • That means taking off wet or sweaty clothes and shoes.
  • That means a good shower after sport and then a thorough drying off with your own towel while making sure you dry carefully between the toes.
  • That means putting on clean underwear and socks which are preferably made of natural fibers.
  • That means taking off your socks and shoes whenever you are home.
  • That means wearing sandals or flip flops in the summer whenever you can.
  • That means never borrowing someone else’s shoe.
  • That means using antifungal powders or sprays once a day to prevent infection and...
  • That means watching your diet. You might be interested to know that if your diet is poor and you have too many carbohydrates and refined food, the yeast organism in your fungal condition can flourish and reduce your body’s ability to fight it. So go easy on the refined flour, alcohol and sugar.

What if you follow these preventative measures and you still get a tinea fungal infection?

Jock Itch

This only affects the top layer of the skin so it is fairly easy to treat with a topical medication but if you don’t treat it promptly, it can last for weeks or even months. The symptoms can include: a round red raised rash; itching, chafing or even burning in the groin, thigh or anal area; red skin in the same areas and flaking, peeling or cracking skin as the rash starts to subside.

There are several types of the mold-like fungi called dermatophytes and these are responsible for jock itch. We all have microscopic fungi and bacteria (including dermatophytes) living on the dead tissues of our skin, hair and nails and of course thriving in the warm moist areas like the insides of the thighs. If that groin area gets sweaty, and you don’t shower or dry yourself properly, you provide a perfect place for the fungi to multiply and thrive.

Fortunately, there is jock itch treatment easily available.

Athletes foot

This is a very stubborn and common fungal infection, appearing as moist scaling between the toes with occasional small blisters. As the blistering breaks, the infection spreads and can infect quite large areas of the foot. And it can be very uncomfortable with burning and itching. You won’t need to be told to treat it quickly. You will want to get rid of this discomfort with athletes foot remedies.

There are two other tinea infections

These are ringworm of the body known as tinea corporis and ringworm of the scalp known as tinea capitas. The good thing about these tinea infections is that they are not dangerous – they are just a nuisance and with some sensible care, attention and prompt treatment, they can be successfully overcome. But they are very contagious and easily spread.

You won’t be very popular if you pass on either jock itch or athletes foot to those around you.




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