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Why Is The Number Of Asthma Cases Increasing So Rapidly? | Amoils.com

Even though we are well into the 21st Century, asthma is now the most common chronic condition among children in the US and the number of cases continue to grow. Every time I go to different sources of health articles, I find a new one detailing yet another link to a likely cause of asthma. width=

More about asthma

• Although asthma is not a psychological condition, emotional triggers can cause flare ups. • While 50% of children with asthma find that the condition becomes inactive during the teen years, the symptoms can recur when they are adults. • While there is no cure for asthma, the disease can be controlled in most patients with good medical care. However, the condition should always be taken seriously as uncontrolled asthma can result in emergency hospitalization or even death. The ideal asthma management plan includes medication for quick relief as well as medications to be used for controlling the condition. • Asthma is often passed down genetically. A child has a 30% chance of developing asthma if one parent has it and a 70% chance if both. • Asthma is not contagious. • While a new, or change in, environment may improve symptoms, this will not cure the condition. Many people become sensitized to the new environment after a time so that the asthma symptoms return. • Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for adults or children with asthma but exercising in dry, cold air can be a trigger for the start of an asthma attack.

Asthma used to be a rare disease

In the past, asthma typically only developed in certain children. Today, asthma is common among all age groups and as I have said, increasing all the time. With regard to asthma medications, the FDA has now admitted that asthma drugs can actually cause serious asthma attacks.

Which drugs are these?

The 4 asthma drugs in question are Novartis AG’s Foradil, GlaxoSmithKline’s Serevent, Advair and AstraZeneca’s Symbicort. They all contain an ingredient that relaxes airway muscles in the lungs which can cause asthma-related death. If not accompanied by other asthma drugs to offset this life-threatening side effect, the consequences could be fatal. For more on this story, please go here. Apparently the pharmaceutical industry has been aware of these dangers for nearly a decade.

Another interesting study concerns milk and young children

Obviously those babies who are breast fed as long as possible are at an advantage. But young children who consume organic dairy products rather than non-organic are significantly less likely to develop allergies, asthma or eczema by the age of two according to a study conducted by researchers from Louis Bolk Institiute in the Netherlands and published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Learn more about different cows and different milks and how they affect our health, look at this link. A further report conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found that in 13 different California school districts, maintenance crews are using cleaning supplies that emit more than 450 different toxins into the air, many of which trigger asthma and lead to cancer. There were at least 6 toxic substances found that all contribute to asthma including formaldehyde and styrene. Based on its findings, EWG is urging the California state legislature to adopt the Clean and Healthy Schools Act which would require public schools to use certified green cleaning products. Some districts have already made such a switch to greener alternatives without increasing their cleaning supply costs. So it can be done. For more information on this report, see here. If you are a concerned parent, perhaps there is something you can do to follow up on your own children’s school’s cleaning supplies policies. And of course, you can switch to greener products to reduce toxic exposure in your own home. Then a further study in France has revealed that women who undergo oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are at a heightened risk of developing asthma for the first time, following on several previous studies have also indicated that oestrogen hormone increases a woman’s risk of developing asthma.